Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Low range of course!!

What follows weeks of highs? Just when you get numbers back on track again? When the growth spurt is over? The low range of course! 70-130 the past 3 days. Nothing lower, nothing higher. Checking often. Catching numbers that would soon be lows. Lots of insulin still working, yep, we are feeding the insulin. Each day/night since summer began I have been decreasing Maddison's basal doses for every hour of the day. What was a 5.00 unit per day basal rate is now down to 3.40 per day and falling FAST. Not necessarily swimming related reductions, just summer, post growth spurt and no school reductions. The fun begins.

Last night I fought to keep Maddison in a safe sleeping range from 9pm until 10am this morning. Thats alot of juice boxes. I caught her meter flashing 70's at midnight, 2am, 4am, 5am, 7am and 10am, regardless of ANYTHING I tried. And where is the dawn phenomenon we used to have with school? It just disappeared! Tonight I cut Maddison's basals dramatically and we will work our way back up the basal ladder if we need. I'm not sure which is more frustating....our three weeks of the high range or these scary nights in the low range? **knock on wood** at least we have caught all the pending lows by checking often....thats a GREAT thing! Meter average, 148. Amazing that what was a month ago is no longer. Talk about a constantly changing disease!

Today I assumed I would have an appointment with the breast surgery specialist Dr W mentioned in last nights phone call. I didn't. Instead, Dr W's office just called me to give me the phone number for the practice where they would like me to go for my surgical consult. After a morning of confusion from every direction, I have an appointment scheduled on June 5th instead of the 8th. I'm on the "call list" if there is any cancellations of appointments so I can get in sooner than later. Sheesh. I dont know why everyone in the biopsy clinic and Dr W's office is so confused! Between the two offices they must have called me 10 times today trying to get things set up and get the reports transferred. I will say, they are soon moving into a new office, so maybe thats where all the confusion came in!

On Wednesday nights Hannah plays sand volleyball tournaments near my parents house. So, I have planned to have dinner with my Dad each Wednesday before games. My Dad is doing really well (I'm sure you can tell since I didn't bring it up again) and his foot was not collapsed a few weeks back as he thought. Tomorrow I take him back to the wound clinic for re-casting and results from his last xray. My Dad is still taking some miracle medication apparently.....he is happy and laughing more than I have ever seen these days!

Tomorrow I go in for the other "C" issue, consult with my OB/GYN for the pre-cancerous cervix stuff. ICK. I hope to convince my Dr that I dont need ANY of my baby making stuff anymore. Good riddance. Lets hope he agrees.

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Penny said...

Riley doesn't get out of school until June 5th, but he's still had ALOT of lows the past several days. I've decreased basals and changed carb coverage a couple of times so far.

This disease is just a mystery to me.

And, I haven't commented on you other issue yet, but you're in my thoughts. Let us know how everything turns out.