Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crazy Goose & temp basals

Yesterday was a fun filled Friday! Early in the day Maddison and I set out to care for some baby ducks at the rescue. We always stop by the backyard to say Hello to "Goose" first thing before starting our volunteering shift. Maddison opened the gate and "Goose" had a whole new sound. Goose is growing up! He has the "honk" of a grown up goose! Maddison approached Goose as always, to give him a friendly pat. But this time Goose wasn't a nice Goose! Along with his new "honk" Goose has become territorial just as all adult Geese do. Maddison and I laughed as Goose swung his neck around warning us to stay away. Maddison must have missed the fact that Goose was serious. She didn't run as she should have! That crazy goose started jumping around, flapping his wings and biting Maddison on the butt as she tried to get away! Goose wasn't backing down. He turned on me as I tried to get Maddison away. It was actually quite funny, not scary as it may sound. (well, ok, at the time it was a bit scary!) I had to grab goose by the neck and turn him around so Maddison and I could escape! CRAZY GOOSE! Who says animals won't bite the hand that feeds them? I guess Goose is done being our friend. :(

Maddison had her buddy from school come over after volunteering. We had lunch poolside and enjoyed the awesome AZ heat. Hours of swimming later, Maddison was 308!!? We were on such a good streak avoiding a spike after swimming! I'm not sure what went wrong this time! Now we just relax with a movie I guess. It took several corrections to get Maddison down before dinner. To just 205! Maddison wanted to swim again after dinner, so bring it on. Swimming is sure to get her back into good range. Maddison was thrilled to enjoy a late night swim with her favorite furry goldens.

What to do after a late night swim? At 6hrs post swimming Maddison starts to go low. That would be around 2am. Extra extra milk and PB before bed? That choice usually backfires somehow. Instead, I set a temp basal at the 4hr mark to avoid the lows in the 6 hour mark. This night it was a success. Maddion was 160 for her 2am check. Exactly where I want her to be after a late night swim. Of course nothing with Diabetes is always predictable. By 5am Maddison was 108. Awesome, but, thats quite a drop. A few sips of juice later.....set the alarm for an hour to re-check. An hour later never happened. I dont know if I turned the alarm off without checking Maddison or what, but at 9am I leapt from bed in a panic. 52. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke Maddison up and she downed 3 glucose tabs without complaint. Not a good way to start the morning. Today this mom feels guilty! But, also relieved that she was 52, not 32 or.......

When Maddison has this kind of low in the mornings I try to ask her if she felt any different sleeping. Were you feeling weak? Having a nightmare? Sweaty? Hungry? Can you feel anything like that when you are sleeping? She doesn't. Sometimes at night if she dips down under 65 or so I wake her up to try and get her to be aware of feeling low at night. So far to date, Maddison just doesn't feel her lows when she sleeps. I guess most kids don't. Thats the SCARIEST thing with Diabetes and exactly why I stay on top of night time numbers. Now with summer here we are sleeping in every morning. Mornings are not what they used to be. These early mornings are hard to get right, and it isn't because of highs anymore. Now its the lows. That late night swim caught up to us, 12 hours later. Oh, the crazy life of a parent that battles Diabetes!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

What a nutty goose! I can just picture the damn thing nipping at her little tush as you two tried to escape! Haha!

Sorry to hear about the highs and lows - it's always a puzzle, sometimes without all of the pieces, or the box to look at.

Wendy said...

GOOSE GOOSE!!! Actually, it kind of sounds funny...but only because everyone is okay :)

If it's any consolation, Addy's had a wacky day today too. I like Scott's analogy.

A puzzle without all of the pieces, or the box to look at.