Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its only 10am?

Last night Maddison was again 80 going to bed. 8c of juice later she's a nice 128. Perfect. I decided to sleep a whole 4 hour stretch being confident in her overnight basals. At 3am HI (over 500) flashed across her meter screen. Just .1 Ketones thank goodness. No reason for the HI. It just is, I supposed. Or is that a rebound? An impending illness? Funny how HI happens when you choose to TRUST Diabetes for the night. I decided to leave Maddison home from school today since it's Josh's day off and she was still 250 by 7:30am. Something weird is brewing. I just know it.

Yes, 7:30am is when I leapt from bed this morning-LATE after checking blood sugars every hour last night. I couldn't sleep for many reasons after the HI. Earlier in the night before I went to bed, my Sister called to tell me my Dad thinks the arch of his foot collapsed, as is possible in Charcots foot. That alone made me wonder how my Dad was REALLY doing. Is he in pain? What will this all mean? Surgery? Can he recover from surgery? How is his blood sugar? Did he even check it? What if he has an ulcer or something in there? What if his arch did collapse and there is a bone protruding? He can't really even sense pain in his feet! What if he is developing a bone infection now?

Besides thinking of my Dad when I was supposed to be sleeping, I was thinking of Ms Maya and her trip to the ER. Feeling sad that she had such a hard day. Worrying. Imaging how tough days like these are when you have 3 little girls so close in age to care for. Hoping Addy doesn't get sick too. Diabetes and illness is scary. I was just thinking too much as always. I was wondering why my blood sugar has been screwy the past week. Wondering why I hoovered in the 200-280 range all day, and WHY am I STILL 280 going to bed tonight? Then, of course I drift off to sleep and wake up to Maddison's HI on the meter. Some days Diabetes is everywhere I turn, it haunts me from every direction.

My sister and I are trying to convince my Dad to get to the wound clinic TODAY instead of as scheduled Thursday. No go. Today he says he's fine. So, I called the wound clinic and let them know the situation. I'm waiting for a call back from the doctor. I stopped by to talk to my Dad this morning before work to find out the real deal with his foot. He feels fine, doesn't have a fever and said yesterday his foot was painful but not today. He hasn't checked his blood sugar since last week, he doesn't normally unless he is sick, so that wasn't a surprise. -sigh- Being late to work this morning I was warned by a co-worker not to take the freeway. I'm sitting at a red light, and got rear ended! Just bumped actually. Not a scratch on the car. I literally pulled over, talked to the lady for 20 seconds and we were on our way. Now I sit at work with tight shoulders and a slightly stiff neck. Sheesh. Its only
10am and I desperately want this day to end!


Wendy said...


Keep us posted on your Dad. It must be so frustrating dealing with him from your perspective. I'll keep him in my prayers.

HI...BLECH!!!! I hate those. Who knows why...this game is really confusing MOST of the time.

You're so sweet to keep Maya in your thoughts. I think the worst is behind us and I haven't seen any sign of trouble in Addy. Fingers crossed!!!!

As for your little "bump" this morning...I hope you feel okay. Take a little motrin and be sure to let me know if you need ANYTHING. I mean that!!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy cow sister! That's more stress than anyone needs in an single week, much less all before 10am.