Monday, May 4, 2009

20 minutes in

20 minutes into Monday back to school, my cell phone rings. SCHOOL NURSE pops up on my caller ID. Seriously? 20 minutes into the school day? Maddie's school nurse is telling me Maddison couldn't see her book work clearly this morning. "She says her eyes are blurry and the letters are all jumbled." So, the nurse checked her blood sugar. 153, just 1 hour after breakfast. GREAT. That number could go either way right about now considering yesterdays 7 hours of swimming. Concern #1 for this Monday morning, the wrath of delayed exercise lows. Maddison's blood sugar was good so the nurse checked her vision. She told me that her result came back as 20/50. What? Maybe all the chlorine yesterday has made Maddie's vision screwy today? No, no....I have some doubt. Now that I think about it, Maddison has complained of "blurry" vision a few times lately. Usually when she wakes up, as she did before she was diagnosed. The difference is, this time the blurry vision isn't related to high blood sugar. I guess we are off to the eye doctor today.

Last night we made it through the night without any lows. I set a temp basal for Maddison, something I have never gotten right. Not the best result, but she didn't go low from all the days swimming so I was relieved. Maddison hit 230 around 3am, not so bad considering I usually REALLY mess up the temp basals sending her to the 300 range and beyond. With a little more manipulating the temp basals we should be able to figure it out. Hopefully quickly.

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