Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 4

Maddison's highs started Tuesday. Today is day 4 that she has remained high after breakfast, all the way through coming home at 2pm. Then she DROPS. The first day after the highs I made basal increases for ALL the morning hours, which did nothing. Still 240's. The second day I got aggressive. Made changes. No improvement. 260's danced around all morning that day, laughing in my face it seems. The 3rd day I really went wild with the increases for morning hours, which leaves us with seeing that result today, day 4 of crazy highs. You would think I would see SOME improvement. Nope, today we saw.....290's. CRAZY how that happens! Is this insulin like water or what? TRIPLED basal rates aren't budging anything. Where do I start now?

Day 4 of highs is bad timing, because tomorrow is Saturday. Basals are always lower for the weekend. So do I leave it as it is? Do I increase it anyway and check often? Can't we just have a day 5 without highs? It always happens this way when Maddison gets sick, grows or stresses. She will stay high regardless of changes all week. Then Saturday comes, and numbers are nearly in range. Sunday is good. Monday I debate over which frickin basal pattern to use? Weekday or Weekend? Most Mondays Maddison's body will follow the weekend normalness of numbers. By Tuesday we are back to full swing weekday patterns of higher basal rates. If she runs too high, I make changes. By the time I figure it out for the week its Saturday again and everything starts over the next week. I dont know which damn pattern to use from day to day! Its really driving me crazy!!

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Anonymous said...

This has happened and does happen to us. I usually will, in addition to basal changes, start moving the ICR down by 1. Lower the insulin sensitivity factor. For stubborn high periods. All to be changed again, usually back, LOL. Can't win for losing sometimes.