Monday, May 25, 2009

Across the cul-de-sac

Maddison spends alot of time with her neighborhood friends. Many times the kids all choose to play here, but sometimes Maddison spends hours playing across the cul-de-sac with her best buddy. Sometimes she's just right next door, or maybe a few houses down. Wherever she is, I have comfort knowing she is just a few houses away. I can pop in to quickly check numbers while she's swimming. I can walk over and tell her what to bolus when she eats. I'm just a few steps away. It feels great knowing she can play without me worrying about lows. Maddison being across the cul-de-sac is precious for more than just easing my mind while she is away.

Its hard to send Diabetes off on a play date. Maddison has a little friend from school that always plays here, because its easier for ME. I'm guilty of keeping Maddison close to home, I'm sure she hasn't caught on to that yet :) Maddison has had some brief play dates in the past at friends houses, most have been just blocks away. But for the most part, I try to encourage play dates HERE, where I dont have to worry. Bad, I know. As of right now Maddison has been across the cul-de-sac playing for nearly 6 hours. I popped over to check her BS when she swam. I reconnected her to her pump for missed basal. I counted carbs in her dinner.....and then turned and left. Just that easy. She's away from my watchful eye. I don't have to wonder or worry at all, I LOVE IT. I'm so happy she gets a chance to get away from me! LOL

As far as Maddison's blood sugars....they have been back to pretty darn good. I'm working on reducing her basal amounts all day. Imagine that. Schools over and blood sugars behave. Interesting. The past 4 days we have slept until 10am! I feel like I have caught up on missed sleep! Of course I still have to check Maddison at 6am, 8am and 9am to be certain she wont go low waking up so late......and YES, I really need to lower those morning basals to match our new sleep patterns! YAY summer!

I've been in a fog since hearing about this crazy Phyllodes tumor stuff. I'd like to say that I'm thinking positive, but honestly I am only a fraction of the time. I go back and forth between a "wait and see" attitude and planning on finding someone to help my husband and children when I'm gone. Isn't that terrible? I won't detail the triumphs in my heart right now, lets just say that I'm a jumble of feelings. But, what else is new, right? I'm anticipating the phone call tomorrow because I work all day and I will have to hear more biopsy details while there. I dont want to hear anything different than I heard Friday, thats for sure. I have alot of questions and I'm ready to ask, but know that I will have to wait until I'm scheduled with the surgeon. Being the knowledge seeker I am, I have been reading ALOT about this tumor they say I have. I think being uneducated about a new diagnosis is scary. Therefore, I continue to read although I want to hide. -Sigh-

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Scott K. Johnson said...

We're all thinking of you as you work through this new news. Please let us know if you need anything at all.