Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabulous, fantastic FRIDAY

You can tell by my blog title. Maddison's field day today was amazingly FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS. Not one low kept Maddie down. Not one high either. How does THAT happen? I am soooooo happy I got something right for a change. Dont you just want to shout out loud on days like these? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for a good day with all this commotion!

After school Maddison even went swimming, 3 hours worth. Yep, still no lows. Thank you Gatordae. I re-connected Maddison to her pump every hour and bolused missed basal which stopped the later highs we used to see with swimming. But wait...It only gets more unbelievable. PIZZA for dinner tonight! I know you totally must think I am making this up. Surely Diabetes doesn't behave with all this excersize, food and fun! But today it DID. Next, Maddison was off to the neighbors house for a late night birthday party. Bring on the chocolate fountain!! YES!! A chocolate FOUNTAIN.....yummy stuff to dip.....strawberries, banannas, pound cake......OH MY! Maddison was 160 going into this chocolate craziness. (not that much out of range anyway) Then the birthday party was out to the cul-de-sac to play kick the can. Late night running and hide in seek in the dark.....Lets hope I didn't just ruin tonights numbers by saying today was so FANTASTIC and FABULOUS!! But it was! YAY for a good day despite it being every parents worst nightmare!


Wendy said...

WOOHOO!!!! What a fun day!!!!

So glad to hear D is cooperating -- could you tell her D to talk to Addy's D please?

Laura said...

Glad Friday turned out to be a awesome Friday, Hope The night time was also awesome. Also thanks for the Reply. I am also scheduled to see an Endo soon too.I haven't seen one for a few years because He and I didn't see eye to eye and I didn't Care for him that much. The new endo is in the same practice with him so Maybe I will like him. I just been to see my primary care doc.

Penny said...


Riley has a field day tomorrow, so I'll see how it goes for him.