Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweaty exhausting low

Darn chocolate. I thought I had already learned to stretch out a chocolate bolus over at least 3 hours, guess not. Today just me and my girls decided to watch a movie with popcorn and M&M's. YUM. Who knew it would kick me down hours later? I THOUGHT I bolused the M&M's over enough time since it digests sooooo slowly for me, but 3 hours later I was struck with the nastiest low EVER. 50. I've been lower than 50 many times, but this one felt like a 20. Maybe it was a crashing 50, I don't know....but I can tell you I have NEVER been sweaty from a low like this.

Maddison was outside on the lookout for birds of course. I had just dropped Hannah off at a friends house. Josh at work, Goldens besides me. I'm alone, and this time I was actually afraid to be. I wondered for a few minutes if I should get Maddison to stay with me, but of course, I didn't want to cause her alarm. I couldn't find the energy to go get her even if I wanted or had to. I really felt like this low was IT. The low that I wouldn't recover from so easy. It just came crashing down on me, in an instant, I never felt it coming. The sweat had already soaked my Tshirt. Very unusual for me. After 12c of lifesavers I quickly realized those carbs weren't going to touch this low. I could feel my face suddenly turn pale white. I was all out of energy and my legs felt like jello, except they also weighed 300lbs. I hobbled into the kitchen for juice. All I could do was sit on the floor, trying to stay coherent. Finally I drank juice and the hunger set in. I ate anything high glycemic I could find. There is really no stopping this kind of hunger when you are low. Raisins, pretzels, crackers, more juice. 20 minutes later and still in a fog, I was trying to figure out what happened. How much do I bolus now for all that food I ate in a panic?

That was the scariest, loneliest 2o minutes ever! I have never been sweaty when low, so this was a first. I think I'm gonna call it an early night and watch more movies, I can't seem to find any energy after all that mess! No chocolate with my movies this time! How exhausting!


Wendy said...


You said some things I hear Addy say ... stuff about having "wobbly legs" and feeling like she can't move. She also gets ravenous and will eat anything she can get her hands on.

I hate diabetes.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage. I can identify with the fear.

Those lows really, really stink. And they wipe us out for at least the rest of that day - at least!

I'm glad that you made it through in one piece.