Sunday, May 3, 2009

2 sites in 2 hours

How are we going to make it through summer? This weekend was filled with water fun. Yesterday afternoon Maddison lost a 2 day site to the neighbors jacuzzi. Little sucker just fell right off. Today was another fun filled cul-de-sac day with swimming in our pool, their pool, their jacuzzi. In this neighborhood the kids like to make the rounds. Two sites in 2 hours.

Downfall of the pump, you can't just go siteless. Maddison needs to be re-attached and bolused her missed insulin each hour or two. Today the neighborhood kids swam for 7 hours straight. Our pool. Their pool, the favorite "cyclone" in the jacuzzi. At 5pm I changed Maddison's site after the 1 day site gave out and slipped right off. I had no choice but to do a new site in the middle of swimming fun. An hour later the new site was found floating atop of the jacuzzi. Changed to a new site, bolused the missed basal. My exhausted girl is in bed and now I sit watch. Its 9:30pm and I have to wonder how this crazed day of swimming will fare tonight. I can't set a temp basal now, because the post swimming high may appear. I cant set a temp basal for a future time, its either now or nothing. I have a plan to wake at 2am so I can set a temp basal reduction. Who knows if thats the right timing? Why oh why is Diabetes such a guessing game? So far, no lows with swimming yesterday or today (knock on wood) thanks to being extra diligent with the Gatorade and careful watch. Tonight, I'm not so sure.

Last Endo appointment I asked about the swimming spike. Maddison soars to the 300's about 2 hours after swimming. It was suggested that I increase her basal rate for an hour to cover that spike. I can't bring myself to do that overnight when Maddison is sleeping. So, I watch. I wait. I anticipate. So far with replacing an extra .1 with the missed basal we haven't seen that spike. Score 1 for mom. I'm hoping I won the swimming spike battle. But I'm not so sure tonight of the lows that may creep up after 6-12 hours from all the swimming fun. The 2 site changes in two hours today has me wondering how we will manage this summer in the pool for hours on end? I've tried all the fancy dressings. They slip off sooner than the site itself. I just dont know. Another thing to plan for.

At Maddison's last Endo appointment her doctor viewed her sites as usual. She commented on how "unscarred" her sites are. The endo said she is impressed with the lack of scarring and skin irritation from sticky solutions. We don't use any special sticky solutions. Never had to. We are among the lucky ones. Our sites just stick with a quick slather of IV prep wipe to cleanse the area. I think this summer we dont have a choice. We have to start using some type of super sticky solution before inserting a new site. Swimming has proven already to be a given lost site EVERY TIME. I'm a bit worried about all the sticky stuff we will have to try until we find the right one. Skin irritation. Another thing about Diabetes that I hate. When we return to the Endo in 3 months I want to hear how flawless Maddison's skin is where her sites go. I don't think that will happen. I don't want to see that visual reminder of Diabetes on Maddison's arms, hips and tiny tummy. 2 sites in 2 hours......add that to the list of Diabetes frustrations.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Water and sticky just don't go together easily do they.

I've got a couple different things to try if you'd like - I'd be happy to send them to you. One is Mastisol, and the other is SkinTac.

I think that it is just a matter of finding the right combination that works, but unfortunately it takes some trial and error.