Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No hurry

I received a phone call this morning from the office that performed my biopsy last week. They were calling to refer me to a Surgeon. That's it. No new news! That's a very good thing, it seems there is no big hurry for surgery as I initially understood! The way the Radiologist/Pathologist (or whoever the Physician was that called me Friday) made it sound, was that I was being scheduled THIS week for the lumpectomy that is suggested. As in, we got ya covered, and lets do this ASAP. I was all worried for nothing. :) Geez.... the way they made the "preliminary report" sound, I thought I was considered a priority! Priority is never good in the medical world! Of course, there is still SOME chance that this "tumor" comes back malignant...but for now I feel MUCH better knowing I'm not on the STAT to do list.

I did go ahead and call my own surgeon today who has performed 4 of my past 5 surgeries. The soonest available consult appointment is June 8th, 2 weeks away. I would like to just get this surgery done and over with! Once I get something set in my mind I just want it done with so the worry and wondering is behind me. What a BUMMER having to wait two weeks. I guess I should just be happy that STAT wasn't a part of my pathology report! What a huge sigh of relief that is!

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