Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today I am....

Feeling better than I have been lately.

Gaining back some optimism

Feeling guilty for eating those damn fig bars that spiked me to 298!

Proud that I made some yummy, healthy granola bars for Maddison! (she finally tried oats!)

Feeling confused with Maddison's unusual lows at night and wondering if a growth spurt has calmed down for now

Laughing inside because I actually thought Diabetes would get easier.

Amazed that once you get Diabetes "figured out" for awhile it ALWAYS changes

Scared that this is a reality! Wondering if one day I will just loose my sanity, LOL

Looking for a new j-o-b that isn't sitting at a d-e-s-k!

Proud that Hannah has been so helpful lately and staying on top of chores, homework, studying, vollyball practice and now helping to COACH little ones!

Not as tired as I have been lately

Feeling guilty that I still haven't had my bloodwork and hormonal testing done!

Worrying about my Dad (he cut off a growth from his ankle that probably could have used some stitches) Yes, his A1c's run in the 11-13% range, and yes, he has Neuropathy and leg numbness...WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING!!??

Feeling sad for all my friends that have had sick kids lately

Hoping that this new j-o-b lead calls me back!

Wondering if Homeschooling could actually work for us?

Needing someone to talk to

Very thirsty

PISSED OFF at our new RX plan and praying they accept my appeal

Hoping Maddison's 90 blood sugar comes up and stays up! Time to go check!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Great to see all of the positives in there K! Good luck with the J-O-B search!