Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back from the zoo field trip

I barely survived! OH MY. As much as I adore kids, and I am amazed with anyone that could have a classroom of 25 kids every day.....I sure couldn't do it. The bus ride to the zoo today nearly killed me, even being fairly quiet. Today was a gorgeous 78 degree day, thank goodness! Each parent chaperon was assigned to four kids in a group besides your own child and you simply set out on your own way. It always seems like a million miles of dusty and dirty trails at the Phoenix Zoo. Not my favorite spot, even though I love to walk. The animals are always sleeping or hiding and the kids are always zooming by each exhibit without any interest really. Even crazier, our bus driver got us lost, so we had less than 3 hours to tour a 5 hour zoo AND do lunch. YIKES.

You would think that a zoo trip would include a few lows of course! Actually, I gave Maddison an extra snack before arriving, and when she said she felt low she was a perfect 80. I gave her some raisins which held her until lunch. I hoovered in the
70's but felt like I was in the 40's. ICK. Blood sugars were awesome otherwise! A nice trip all in all, but the 40 min drive home with a bus full of screaming kids singing "Who took the cookie from the cookie jar" was enough to induce a serious migraine, even for Maddison. Not kidding. On the way home one poor little girl apparently felt the same way as Maddison and I and ended crying and pleading for the song to stop! I highly agreed! I couldn't believe the teacher let the song continue so long and wasn't concerned about the VOLUME. It was THAT crazy! Maddison and I came straight home to my comfy bed, pulled the curtains and had some serious quiet time complete with lots of Powerade zero. Whew! A much needed rest!

During lunch one little boy asked me if I knew Maddison had a bully at school. Oh man.....I didn't think it was a "bully" and I thought that no one else knew. All the other kids chimed in and told me that it is a 3rd grader and she has thrown sand in Maddison's hair 4 or 5 times. TALK ABOUT THROWING ME OFF GUARD! I didn't know what to say a first. The boy told me that tomorrow all the boys are going to "guard" Maddison in a line, or maybe in a circle when she plays in the usual spot in the sand. It sounds like he has a protection plan in order. I think I need a plan too. I had no idea we were looking at something to this degree. I just want to find out who this girl is and STOP the trouble she is causing.

I really dont get it. In Maddison's class she is "prized"....and when I say "prized" I mean that all the kids watch out for her. They all care about her well-being and always ask if she needs to go to the nurse. They worry when she misses school and many have sent home pictures they draw for her that include animals because they know she is ALL about animals. They all want to sit with her at lunch. At least, these are the things I see when I am there. I know that last year Maddison had a few girls that were mean to her on occasion, but that was simply "no you can't play with us" type stuff. I thought it was because she was repeating 1st grade with all new faces. This year hasn't been so bad, and Maddison has a very close friend that she is always playing with. Every "bad day" that Maddison has I ask her about. Rarely does she mention a conflict, and never has she mentioned something like this. WHY are kids so mean? I just will never understand it.

I have a meeting with the school counselor tomorrow to talk about this "bully" and see if we can pinpoint who it is. I didn't see this coming at all. Maddison hasn't really complained about it either. I really think I am done with public school. This bully isn't the reason. This bully is my breaking point. I have had to FIGHT for Maddison every damn year. Since Kindergarten I wanted her tested for learning concerns and she never "qualified" because she "hadn't fallen behind yet." Once she did start to fall behind she was diagnosed with the "D" demon and it was downhill from there. The confidence she once had diminished almost overnight, not because of the Diabetes, but because she can't keep up in the classroom and doesn't complete tasks timely. It doesn't help that she's in the nurses office 3-7 times a day trying to escape the "torture" because she doesn't know how else to cope with feeling "incapable." She is bored, she lacks concentration, and doesn't learn best by listening. She learns best by doing and seeing. She will never succeed when she feels bad about herself. She will never be the student she could be when she is trying to learn a way that her brain is not wired to learn. She will never have confidence when the damn bully beats her down, throws sand in her hair and taunts her by calling her "one inch Maddison." This has to stop. I'm going crazy looking for the answer and I'm being naive to think a public school has the answer. I've been trying for an answer since Kindergarten.

This is our 4th year (K, 1st, repeat 1st, 2nd) and I'm tired. I want the teasing and boredom to stop. I want Maddison to enjoy learning. I want her to be confident in school as she is away from home. Back from the zoo field trip, I have alot to think about!


Jill said...

Awwww :( my heart goes out to you both and I hope they are able to find out who this "bully" is and put her in her place! Kids can be so cruel and often times teachers sweep it under the rug because it's just "words" but those words stay with you forever!

(((BIG HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, you should be able to find out who the bully is, have the called into the principal's office, and put short shrift to this nonsense! And you can run into a new bully a few years in a row. Once word gets out that your child is "off limits" the bully will pick on a different target. You will not be able to stop the more subtle types of harrassment (girls talking against each other behind their back, etc.) I hear you and it is hard. The diabetes makes one hypersensitive to this, as they already go through so much, but Madison is not alone, other kids experience this. I love that the children in her class love her and stand by her and am very touched that the boys are willing to guard and protect Madison. I think that is very sweet. If school is not a good experience in general then I am all for switching schools. Homeschooling could be an option; unfortunately, in the upper grades the schoolwork becomes more involved. I am sure there is a solution for this though (in our state, it is very difficult to homeschool). I say investigate all your options, make the best decision for your daughter and go for it!