Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hours spent, nothing changed

Last night after being totally DONE with chasing Maddison's numbers the past 4 weeks, I sat down for nearly 3 hours and reviewed everything. Normally I review numbers everytime there is an obvious change needed. I spend a few minutes, make a few changes, and hope for the best tomorrow. Last night, my brain was swimming in the new realization that too many high fat meals = overall insulin resistance for more than just the day the foods are consumed. (which makes sense when you think about the viscious cycle for many type 2's)

I made a bizzilion changes for TOMORROW and decided if Maddison is still out of range all day today I will switch to the new pattern. Last night, I just couldn't change anything. No basal changes, ISF or ratio changes were making sense to me. We have still had 2-3 "good" blood sugar days each week despite looking like something needed to change....I know that I am on to something with these random "good" and "bad" blood sugar days! It isn't any pump settings that need to be changed afterall! Good bye to french fries, pizza, chocolate and all that yummy stuff! We have now placed you into the "once in a great while" catagory as you used to be, we are getting back to our typical diets....time to cook or not, ...we can't start this bad habit!

So this morning the result =

In range all night which shows a good basal rate.
No exceeding 30pts and no dropping 30pts from the starting bedtime number of 160

I'll take that. Now, I just hope the nurse has a good report for today! I honestly expect to see that Maddison was in range all day. Friday and Monday were "good" blood sugar days, but yesterday was a "bad" blood sugar day. I betcha it was those damn french fries the night before! I know it! Wether we had the correct carb count or not, SOMETHING should have dropped Maddison into range after many corrections. Now...lets just hope I don't feel like an idiot in my next post because I'm wrong! Fingers crossed!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Food is one of my biggest challenges, so I'm tuned in to see how this all plays out for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog, and I really love it, because you are analyzing the numbers; something I spend a lot of time doing. As to the fatty forbidden foods, I hope your daughter is the same, we have found little to no difference if she enjoys brownies, pizza, and problem foods at her after-school snack time. This is the time she is not insulin resistant; rather the reverse. Breakfast, she can have tremendous spikes, so no cereal, and we are careful there. I try to be carefull after 6pm as whatever she eats can screw up the right of the night and sometimes overnight. I have still found treats she can enjoy without problem for desert after dinner; in our case, icecream, cheese-its, fruit, things of that sort have no effect. Hoping you can find that sweet spot for your daughter, as well.