Friday, March 13, 2009


Today when I picked up Maddison from school I overheard her friend ask her if she was ok. She also asked her if she found "the bully." Quietly under her breath Maddison said "no." Maddison immediately told me that yet again, she had sand thrown in her hair today. In comes MAMA BEAR. I'll admit my blood was boiling and I marched to the counselors office with my claws out. I was promised that today this bullying would stop. I was promised that Maddison's teacher would set up camp at lunch recess and FIND the child that is doing this. As always, the school FAILED my Maddison and I am ANGRY. She was supposed to be safe today and assured that she wouldn't be humiliated ONE MORE DAY. Sure, a little sand in the hair never hurt anyone physically....but emotionally it has the same impact as being physically ABUSED.

The counselor had gone home for the day. With Maddison in hand, I marched to the front desk and asked to see the principal-NOW. This is so not like me. Mama bear has taken over. The principal was in a meeting. How convenient. Next on my hit list was Maddison's teacher. I had passed her by as I walked in to pick up Maddison, and luckily as I turned there she was. Poor teacher got the wrath of Mama bear. I've never felt this way before, I feel bad for letting her teacher hear it, but I couldn't control the words from my mouth. I wanted to know WHY she wasn't on the playground as she promised. She stated that she was, earlier, and once she came back to check in with Maddison the dirty sand deed had already been done. Amazing how if this had been punches thrown all these days it would have been corrected by now. Apparently a little sand seems to be a small concern to her teacher, which, exactly fits her character and is the reason why I can't stand the woman.

I spoke with Maddison's teacher a few moments and told her how angry and frustrated I am. As if any parent would have to explain. Her teacher isn't married and doesn't have kids, so maybe she just doesn't get why this is such a big deal to a Mama bear. I told her I will not wait for another sand day to happen, that each time Maddison is bullied it leaves its mark and hurts her spirit. Children should not be fearful to go to school. Imagine how she feels as the entire playground watches this happen yet again! How could this happen AGAIN after they assured me they were going to take care of it!!?? So, I told Maddison's teacher that if I have to observe the playground Monday after spring break I will. I called the principal when we got home-still in a meeting, I'm waiting for his call.

The good thing is, I've calmed down now. I will be able to speak to Mr Principal without my anger and emotions taking over. Funny thing....I thought I was low after Mama bear paid a visit.....checked myself in at 302! How is that for an adrenaline anger induced high? I left work just 30 minutes prior at 123. The mama bear proof is in the numbers too I guess.......


Penny Ratzlaff said...

I'm angry right along with you. I can't wait to hear what the principle has to say.

Wendy said...