Sunday, March 29, 2009

Climbing the Rock Wall

Hannah has been spending every waking moment playing volleyball and working on mastering her jump serve. Dang my girl is good! I am so happy for she has found her passion! We have been taking Hannah to play off practice days with some of the other girls from her team at an "open gym" near our home. This weekend the girls were "allowed" to play the "advanced" groups, local college students. Of course the girls had to prove themselves first. I am guessing that everyone doubted that these girls were "advanced" players. Hannah is small and petite like me, so when she steps up to serve, the on lookers are in for a surprise. You would never think by looking at Hannah that she packs a wicked serve. She is consistent and powerful, yet sly and quiet in her approach. The college students ended up very impressed with Hannah playing as the "setter" in Saturday nights games. This afternoon we returned for more Volleyball fun at open gym, and we even got Maddison into something new!

Maddison isn't an athletic type girl. She would much rather spend her time wandering around outside chasing lizards and other creepy crawlies. To find something that interests her AND is physically active is exciting indeed! Open gym includes all the great amenities, exercise facilities, name it. Today Maddison discovered climbing the rock wall. Her approach was slow and a bit weary because of the height, but once she felt confident in the "rope bungee thing" that kept her from falling, she was good to go. She climbed up, then glided down. I'm thinking she may have enjoyed the glide down a bit more than the climb up! She went back at it. I'm guessing 15 times the girl climbed this rock wall, loving every minute of it. It looks alot easier than it is, thats for sure. On the way home from the gym Maddison said she thinks she found something new that she wants to "pursue." Sounds good to me! Afterwards on the drive home, Maddison said she is "so happy for Hannah because she found something she loves to do," What a sweet girl my Maddison is!

Another weekend has flown by. I checked Maddison in at 78 an hour before bed and she had half a juice box to treat. An unusual 197 popped up on her meter when she climbed into bed. She should have been around 140 which would have been perfect since she has no active insulin. Corrected the hour later I thought I was going to bed early, so I checked Maddison knowing that rock climbing wall could be kicking in soon as she sleeps. Sure enough, she's down to 140 with .2 active. -sigh- So, I blog. I gave her a few sips of juice and now I wait, living the life of chasing numbers. Being that Maddison's choice of activity is riding her scooter around the cul-de-sac like a race horse, or swimming endlessly in the summer, I'm not sure what to expect of this rock wall climbing. Obviously her correction kicked in awfully quick. I hate learning the hard way. Normally I would choose to go to sleep for an hour and set my alarm clock to re-check. Tonight I feel better just waiting it out to see what happens.

This Diabetes life sure is crazy. I'm dreading the summer swim season already. Living in AZ means swim season runs April through September. Thats alot of swimming. I still, to this day, dont have swimming figured out for Maddison. I've defeated the lows during swimming, now to face highs (300's!!) at the 3 and 4 hour mark. I just dont get it. I dose the missed basal every hour while she swims and she still goes high. Of course, then I have to plan bedtime around the lows that will hit 7-12 hours post swimming. Crazy disease this is. Now we have the rock climbing wall. Thats alot of arm work! All I can do is wait, watch and see. Learn from each day, and hope to get some sleep at night. Can we ever figure out each new obstacle? All physical activity seems to have a different effect on Maddison. It can drive you crazy! What amazing Diabetes parents we are! Think of all we do to keep our "D" kids active, healthy and safe. Wow. No wonder we are so darn tired all the time!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

You D parents are absolutely amazing, and I have so much respect and gratitude for all that you all do.

I didn't realize nor appreciate all that my parents did for me until I had kids of my own, and mine don't have anything extra going on.

On behalf of all the little kiddos out there, thank you!