Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun in the Sedona Sun

Our vacation was GREAT. Relaxing, not so much, but fun...yes. Day 1 was spent at Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock where the water was too cold to enter but fishing and hiking made a perfect day anyway in the 80 degree weather. Maddison's blood sugar was perfect with small snacks the entire time up the trails, but I chased some killer lows the whole time. I thought I planned well with a reduced basal rate. I guess not. The kids loved the scenery, but quickly became bored with hiking alone. I was pretty much done with trying to hike anyway so we decided to catch a Jeep tour deep into the canyons. What fun! Bouncy! Dirty! Dusty! The kids giggled and laughed down the crazy bumpy trails the whole way. 2 hours later we made our way back to town and we were STARVING!

We had dinner overlooking Oak Creek Canyon at a highly recommended Mexican restaurant. YUCK. Terrible food was mine......but everyone else loved their food so I was happy. We walked around down town Sedona and visited the tiny shops and markets. Then.....we were done. As in, cant walk anymore. Hit the hay early for our next day at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park!

Zoo morning started off with Maddison having a cough attack, so I had a heart attack. I imagined us stuck at this huge zoo with a sick "D" child, in the 90 degree sun, with high blood sugar and possibly ketones. EXTRA EXTRA coffee soothed my crazy wandering thoughts. Maddison's 248 blood sugar to start the day didn't! Somehow.....Maddison didn't notice (or hear me tell her) when I bolused her 50c for breakfast before they went on their way to the breakfast area while I cleaned up the hotel room. 30 min later, I wondered why they weren't back yet. I thought the plan was to have breakfast on our patio overlooking the Sedona mountains. Weird. I headed down to the breakfast area myself to see what the deal was. I guess they decided to stay there and eat, so Dad says he bolused Maddison 55c. WHAT!!!! Double bolused. Where is the communication? Good thing they had lots of devilish carb loaded foods to choose from. The over bolus made Maddison's day. She got all the sweet breakfast treats she wanted. ICK. On the drive to the Wildlife park Maddison asked me if I knew where the nearest hospital was......I asked her why....and she said "just cuz." I think being double bolused scared her a little. It made me feel terrible!

Maddison's blood sugar was awesome all day at the park. I ran a tad high (150's) since I didn't want to ruin the day again with lows. We took a "Serengeti" drive down into the Wildlife park past Zebras, Antelopes, Ostrich, all kinds of stuff! We were given carrots to feed the Giraffes which was the coolest part. Then the walking began. This park mostly has BIG cats. Lions, Tigers, Panthers....Amazing creatures they are! We watched several shows where the staff interacted with the Tigers. Let me say that one day this interaction will catch up with them. You could see one tiger impeticular not listen very well when they would call him off his "prey" which really was a man that ran around with a balloon trying to get the Tiger to pounce on it. Not so smart. I wonder why these people are still alive? You could see the chase, catch and kill instinct. A few times I really thought their distraction wasn't going to work to stop the Tiger from getting to "rough"......I tell you...I was just about OUT OF THERE!

The shows were all very educational and fun. I think Hannah actually enjoyed the day more than Maddison! The day topped 94 degrees and we were all a bit red and overwhelmingly tired after spending 8 hours in the Sedona sun. All in all, it was a great time to just be together. I was disappointed we didnt get a chance to set up our new Tripod and take family portraits out in the middle of Sedona red rock country. We are totally overdue for a family PORTRAIT but definitely had fun in the Sedona sun!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome! The pics made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

Scary on the double bolus - that's a heart attack in waiting right there! Glad it worked out alright.

Wendy said...

So glad you guys had fun!!! I can't wait until my girls are old enough to do a Pink Jeep Tour :) And I've always wanted to try that park. So happy to hear that you guys were together and away for a couple days!