Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bully Be Gone

Monday morning I met with the school Principal and counselor to assure Maddison that she would have someone on bully watch at lunch recess. I also wanted to let the Principal know that I was very upset with the teachers decision to take Maddison into each classroom trying to have her "identify" the bully. All they could do was apologize. The damage there has been done, but for future reference, I suggested they speak with the teacher to let her know that was a totally inappropriate thing to do. Monday's lunch recess showed no sign of a bully per the Principal, but today the bully was laid to rest. Thank goodness! Thank you all for your suggestions and support during this crazy bully ordeal! I just had to update. More to come later.....


Jill said...

YAYYYYYY!!! I'm so glad she can put this behind her now :)

LOL @ Bully Be Gone...sounds like some kind of spray ;)


Penny said...

That is great to hear.