Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Campaign time!!

I don't think I will submit an entry this year for the "Inspired by Diabetes" global campaign competition because, well, you all know how I have been feeling lately. Maddison however, has had her entry completed since January. Remember last year? Maddison won 3rd place for her poetry entry! 3rd place over THOUSANDS of other entries! She was, and still is soooo proud of this accomplishment. The deadline for entries is March 31st!! I have to get hers in the mail TODAY! No more being disorganized and putting things off...she has an adorable entry again this year!

As far as my entry this year.....well...it isn't gonna happen. I still have the time to come up with something of course, but the feeling just isn't there. I believe in this campaign with all of my heart and I think it is awesome that Maddison remembered it on her own this year, but I just don't have anything good to say lately, and especially not about Diabetes. I'm feeling a little better today as far as my outlook and motivation, but I'm still not me. So check it out....so many of you D bloggers out there are an inspiration to me, to all of us with Diabetes. Good luck! And watch for Maddison's submission to be posted after the deadline date!

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