Monday, March 23, 2009

Laundry and Diabetes

Two things I hate, Diabetes and Laundry. Some days I'm not sure which I hate more. Why is laundry such torture? Tonight I was tending to laundry without complaint when I realized so many ways that Laundry is like Diabetes. Call me crazy, but all you laundry and Diabetes haters.....lets think about this....

Most days Laundry is just there, we don't think about having to do it, we just do it because it falls into our routine. Some days laundry causes you stress just thinking about having to do it. You want to hide from it, so you close the laundry room door and try to ignore it, yet you still think about having to suck it up and just do it. You can actually feel the laundry staring at you through the door. Its saying, you can run and hide....but I'm always here! Isn't that just like Diabetes? You know why Diabetes and laundry is most similar? Because it is never ending. What a burden sometimes. You want to spend a enjoying day away from home and chores and LAUNDRY, but you cant. You have to just do the laundry. You have no choice but to deal with it. And, if you choose to not do it today, you feel guilty. Just like when we choose to not "think" of Diabetes and we let the needed changes slide for awhile. We run a little higher because it is easier than stopping and having to pay attention to WHY something isn't "just right" We aren't sure what to change, so you wait a few days and feel guilty for each high and low. Then there are the wrinkles. Wrinkled clothes are frustrating. High blood sugar is frustrating. Missing socks is irritating, as is low blood sugar that makes you stop what you are doing. Laundry has alot of annoying little things. Just like Diabetes. Imagine when you run out of laundry soap and you have to run to the store because no other kind of soap works.....same as us running to the pharmacy NOW because nothing else works, insulin is our life.

Then there are the good laundry spells when you have kept up with it so well, you had the piles defeated and it wasn't even painful along the way. You are at peace with laundry. You feel like you will stay on this good laundry streak forever, but you don't. You fall off the laundry wagon and it all goes to shit. Suddenly you are looking at 15 piles of overwhelming laundry and you wonder how you got here? Same with Diabetes. You do so well for so long, numbers are actually start to feel like maybe this is IT! You somehow convince yourself that you have found peace with Diabetes. But, all of a sudden out of nowhere, it all changes and its once again hard to keep up with. You are angry at it. You are angry that it takes so much away from you. Laundry is the same way, I want to enjoy the Spring sunshine but I have to tend to the darn laundry. ICK. Call me crazy, but I feel the same way about laundry as I do with Diabetes :) My silly thought for the day!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! This is great! So many parallels!