Thursday, March 5, 2009

One nights sleep

Last night for the first time in months, I was confident with Maddison's basal settings. No high to correct going to bed, no active insulin, no food digesting, not even a tad low....As a result, I was able to sleep straight from her midnight check until 630 this morning! I haven't slept that long of a stretch in many months! YAY! I actually felt refreshed this morning. Maddison stayed in range again all night, and today her numbers haven't hit over 150 thanks to a slight .05 increase at 6am that I've been debating over making. WHAT A RELIEF!

One solid nights sleep is a blessing for me. Even more important is the fact that Maddison is "stable" overnight and in range for optimal health and well being. Amazing how one night and a few good days with Diabetes can put your feel good feelings and optimism back on track. I take Maddison's high spells very personally and they really make me someone that I am not. It's sad, but true. I'm working on that. I know "high spells" shouldn't make me feel this way, and I'm not talking about the random highs. Its the weeks of "too high" that get me. I wish I could just make adjustments more quickly and see results, instead of having to try so many different things over so many days. Oh well....what matters is I think I have basal adjustments made just right for now! Hallelujah! I plan to sleep well tonight! (knock on wood!) :)


Jill said...

Wooohoooooo! I'm glad you were able to get her back in range :) I know she MUST feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! You are getting the hang of it! I, too, hold back when I know by the numbers she needs an increase, because I just cannot believe she needs so much insulin during the hours of 8pm thru 1 to 2am. She is 12 and has these tremedous growth or hormonal spurts. I can't believe I just again increased her basals to 2.0 units an hour during this time. And you know what? IT WORKED! Here's to not being rash as far as increasing, but not letting fear get in the way and being too timid either. I am so guilty of that!