Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two crazy days, two crazy pumps

Yesterday we decided we needed to drain our pool. Just like that. We have yet to drain the pool after 7 years and we have been fighting an Algae problem since last summer so it is good time for some Spring cleaning! Josh ran out to rent a water pump (crazy pump, what was I thinking?!) for draining pools and then I realized WAIT A MINUTE! Its 5pm....He will be going to work at midnight and I'm supposed to work after I take the kids to school tomorrow. To drain the pool without ruining the plaster we need to have it drained, scrubbed and refilling before the hot sun gets to it! Thats about 10am in AZ! This means its all up to me, a huge task and alot of arm work! Oh well, I would do anything for a day off work, even if that means I work like a slave at home. PTO day for me today!

So at 6pm last night I started "pumping" the water from the pool and scrubbing the walls as soon as the water left the algae in clear view. I need this head start before the morning sun! I scrubbed, and I scrubbed and I scrubbed. Of course.....I planned by drinking Gatordade, 40c worth. It seems when I use my arms alot I have the worst lows. Weird, but thats how it goes for me. Temp basals never seem to work for me and I still go low repeatedly, so after 4hrs of some serious scrubbing I had consumed 70c of Gatorade just to stay in the 80's. I turned my pump down to half for overnight, ate some cheese and almonds to hold me over, and woke up not too bad at 160. I thought for sure I would crash last night, it ended up just fine, except that I didn't get to bed until 11pm and Maddison needed to be checked at midnight for her new basal changes. She went to bed at 106 so I gave her 8c of milk. (she also helped me scrub the pool so I worried about a low later on WITH a new basal rate!) Long night short....she was 300 until 7am when she finally coasted to 260. I got up so often to check on Maddison last night that I dont think I slept a wink! I'm tired today!

This morning I rolled out of bed, had my 6c Double Shot Expresso and got to scrubbing! Did I mention my arms still felt like Jello from last night? Good news...It only took me another 2 hours. Bad news....I was low 4 times! How frustrating when you have so much work to do and a clock ticking! Anyway, after the hose was in the pool to start refilling the water I decided I was desperately hungry. Must eat NOW. So, I did. I was only going to bolus half my PB&J sandwich from all the two days of scrubbing hell. Perfect plan. If the buttons on my CRAZY PUMP WOULD WORK! Yeah. My pump buttons did nothing. No beep. No moving numbers, no bolus. I replaced the battery, then "Button Error" shows up. Do ya think!!? Another long story new pump will be here by 10am tomorrow.

It has been nearly 3 hours since my pump died. No basal insulin since then, and I'm a nice 148. I dont have any Lantus, and my Endo has yet to return my call. Hmmmmm, I'm supposed to have some back up Lantus in case of pump failure aren't I?? If this were Maddison I would be freaking. Actually, if it were Maddison's pump that died I would re-program mine for hers! Well, the good thing is I have been scrubbing and scrubbing for two days, it will help keep me lower. I doubt I hit 200 thanks to the hours of Jello arm work. Tonight, well, thats another story! I left a message for my dear neighbor friend with "D" and I can only hope she has 7units of Lantus to spare me until tomorrow. (my rx plan is still all wrong and I cant even imagine what Lantus will cost!) If not, I will have to be DEMANDING to speak with my Endo before the day is through! I need an RX for LANTUS! My worst thought is I will crash tonight with the Lantus....oh how I hate to go back to the basal/bolus!


Wendy said...

I HAVE LANTUS!!!! Seriously, Kelly, I have 4 or 5 unopened vials that our insurance company refused to refund and allow a return because the little box was checked on the order sheet when we renewed our prescriptions.

One of them has your name on it!

All you have to do is call :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man - that sounds like one heck of a job!

Sucks to hear about your pump, that puts a wrinkle in a whole bunch of stuff. Glad that you had worked your metabolism up into a fury though, you got that working in your favor! Hope you get some basal insulin in your system quickly, and that everything goes well getting back up and running on your pump.

myles said...

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