Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hooray for Spring Break!

Tomorrow there isn't gonna be a "miserable" Monday for Maddison. Tomorrow is a no school day, SPRING BREAK!!!! YAY!! The weekened has already been a fabulous start. Saturday was tournament day and of course, Hannah's team was amazing. Well, actually the first 2 games were amazing, they took out the competition with ease and awesome stradegy for a young team of their age. The 3rd and 4th games were amazingly horrible! It appeared as though the girls were overcome with some magic fairy dust that made them play on 8yr old level. It was crazy. After a lunch break and some down time they hit the courts an hour later for games 5 & 6 and were back to their amazing ways. Thank goodness! Hannah's team placed 3rd in this competition so they earned a higher bracket!! We have just one more tournament and then the FINAL playoffs for the season!

Saturdays temp rang in at a perfect 77 degrees! If there is any reason to live in PHX it is surely Spring time! After a day of tournaments we came home to enjoy the weather while the girls played outside for hours with Maddison's best neighbor buddy. Dinner time brought about some wine and good food on the patio with our Fav neighbor friends. You gotta love a cul-de-sac! Maddison's blood sugars have been amazing lately but Sunday afternoon outta nowhere some weird 280's played a visit. I figured to see lows, not highs being that the girls again zoomed from outside to inside, this house to that house and enjoyed yet another carefree spring day with friends. 7 straight hours of neighborhood fun again today! Maddison is in heaven. Now thats what we call a good start to Spring break!

Tomorrow (Monday) I'm off to work and Dad is home with the girls! They are planning a day with, of course, the neighbors for a lunch date and then off to go bowling! How fun! I'm so bummed I will be stuck in my office all day while they relish in the sunshine without me. The week plans get even better though...Tuesday (St Pattys day and my 3yr "D" day!!)we head up north to Sedona for some family time. My favorite thing in this world! Just me, my two girls and the hubby! YAY!!!! Sedona, for those that aren't familiar, is often called “Red Rock Country.” Sedona is a four seasons playground for everyone – whether you’re into history and archaeology, arts and culture,outdoor sports, or the spiritual and metaphysical, imagine doing all this in a backdrop of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world! Spectacular indeed! Just what my battered bad attitude is needing these days!

We plan on enjoying all the best of the outdoors while in Sedona. We don't have a set agenda yet, so we will just wander around the lakes and mountains to see what we find! I need to pick up a tri-pod for our camera since we are in dyer need of some family pictures. Sedona is the PERFECT place to take some family photos! I think I'm excited even just for that! We will be spending the night which will lead us to Wednesdays plan....Out of Africa Wildlife Park! Hannah went here with her Auntie when she was a little girl, and she is soooo excited to go back! Maddison has never been, so she is up for a surprise! The park has wild tigers, lions and animals galore. They offer a Sarengeti Safari tour, wildlife preserve, predator feeds and so much more. I'm hoping Maddison doesn't try to smuggle home some furry creature that needs her help, LOL!

Thursday morning Josh works the midnight shift so we have pry ourselves away eventually for the long drive home. Sadly, I'm back to work Thursday as well....I wish I could spend the entire week with my girls! Auntie will be entertaining them Thursday while we head to work, she is so great for taking a day off work to spend with my girls! I hope this time Maddison's numbers dont cause her so much STRESS as did the sleepover chaos weeks ago. I dont have anyone to hang out with my girls on Friday.....I just might have to take another PTO day from work. What a bummer that would be! Hooray for Spring break!

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Kris said...

We're not on spring break until next week. It's not really "sprin-ish" around here, though. Your post made me homesick! lol

I hope you guys have a great week!