Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fabulous weekend, why the Monday blues?

This weekend was a warm and sunny, relaxing, much needed break for our family once again. It isn't often that Dad gets to be home all day on a Saturday, so we got to enjoy the used-to-be Saturday morning breakfast as a family. After breakfast it's time to snuggle in bed, all four of us plus two furry Goldens. I think the dogs enjoy the Saturday snuggles almost more than us non-furry family members! Maddison's weekend basal rate proved to be a bit too high and she dropped to 54 soon after breakfast. Poor dear, she was exhausted for awhile so we spent some time watching her favorite Animal Planet of course! About an hour later she was roaring and ready to get on with her day...but what to do?

We decided to visit the new library for the grand opening just down the block from our house. It seemed every book left out on the tables in the kids area was left especially for Maddison, she got quite a kick out of that! Left out were books about being a vet, horses, desert wildlife, BIRDS...all the things Maddison loves most! Hannah found some books totally perfect for her that follow the whole "Twilight" type drama. I got a book "type 1 for dummies", because you know....sometimes I feel like I make things too complicated. I figured if I dont learn anything from this book, at least I would FEEL like an expert after reading it :) Silly, I know.

We spent a few hours on the patio at a local Pizza Brewery enjoying each others company and the awesome AZ weather for lunch. What a relaxing time. The evening brought about poker for dads, so our support group friends and I spent the time with our kids watching movies until we fell asleep! NICE! Sunday I was amazingly motivated for the first time in weeks. I got alot of chores done. Maddison and I started our Spring Garden complete with Strawberries, herbs, zucchini and lots of other yummy veggies. We talked about how the 2 hours of weeding the garden in preparation was the hard work, and the payoff would be soon to come, no pain no gain! Maddison told me she relates that hard work to school.....she knows that although school is "miserable" for her, she knows that in the end she will have "her vet job"

Maddison's numbers were fabulous all weekend, which makes me wonder why I still feel so "sad" and not myself lately. I should be back to feeling good and "happy" because I have conquered the "D" monster for a while now. But, I dont. I think I am feeling sad for Maddie, I'm wondering about the girl who dumped sand in her hair....and I feel horrible that she still struggles and cries about school so often. I was the same way when I was her age so i totally understand, but yet I dont. It isn't lacking friends, it isn't that the classwork is too difficult......I just dont know what it is. And, I didn't have Diabetes when I was her age, so I can only imagine how she feels if the Diabetes plays part at all. The school counselor is going to meet with Maddison today about the "sand" issue from Friday. I just dont know what to think. My heart aches for Maddison. The school nurse emailed me this morning to tell me that Maddison was in half an hour after school started complaing she was "dizzy" doesn't surprise me since she started her morning in tears complaining that I had to believe her when she says her throat is "on fire." I just dont know what to do anymore.

An hour after breakfast and feeling dizzy, the nurse checked Maddison and she was
118. She sent her on her way back to class. Maddison has always struggled with "miserable Mondays" and suddenly it is worsening. It seems we will need to talk again about "crying wolf" being that Maddison has visited the nurse 4-5 times in the school day. I know last week she was struggling to feel good in range again, but she still continues to do anything to get out of class. If I could quit my job today and home school Maddison I would. I fear that she will continue to be "just like me" and be "bored" and unhappy at school. School just isn't finely matched for each individual, and I wonder if Maddison would thrive in the "right" environment since she surely isnt at school.

If you could see the child Maddison is at school in comparison to who she is at home you would see complete opposites. I am sure the school thinks Maddison has a crazy home life or "issues" and that really freaks me out. IEP testing this year showed that Maddison's cognitive thinking was considered 98% above that of her peers. She is considered a 5th grade level although she is only in 2nd grade. (something like that) One word, Boredom. I'm sure she really is bored in the classroom. She also seems to have my bad habit....if it isn't interesting you struggle to retain anything you learned about it. I'm a daydreamer. She is a daydreamer. I struggle to stay on task, as does she. We have terrible memories. We can't stand to sit at a desk all day. We learn by seeing and doing, not by listening.-Sigh- There has to be a better answer. School shouldn't be this difficult in 2nd grade. She is a happy child, 100% when she is at home. Why the Monday blues? And why does Monday seem to turn into the entire school week lately?


Anonymous said...

I would question your daughter further. Sometimes, they are not totally forthcoming about everything that has happened during the school day. There may be some children or a teacher who is giving her a hard time. Or she could be dealing with a bully on the school bus? If she is bored, schools are supposed to offer "enrichment" classes or special classes for the "gifted" children. Gifted these days does not mean genious level, but from what you described she should fit into the gifted category for some subjects. There are also charter schools for gifted children. I know a lot of people homeschool but, from looking at the Math and Science, even ELA homework, I would have to feel I am qualified before I would go that route. I would call the school system and ask to have her tested and identified as a gifted student so she can get the help needed to thrive in school. I believe the schools are now required to offer these programs. I do feel seven hours a day is a long school day, and that a lot of time is wasted during the school day on nonessential subjects. Not enough time spent on the basics. I would love it if they had a five hour day instead of a seven.

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a great sounding weekend!

I think you're onto something about her not learning this way, but rather needing to DO stuff to figure it out. I wonder why schools still think the old way is best?

Wendy said...

I'm so happy you guys had a nice weekend! I can't wait to visit the new library -- I'll have to get on the wait list for the book you checked out ;)

Sadly with all of the cuts to the AZ school system right now, I fear that the situation is going to get worse...458 people are losing jobs from our school district -- most of them teachers...and school nurse positions are not secure either. 4 out of 7 kinder teachers got the pink slip from Addy's school. Class sizes are already between 23 - 25 each...what happens now?

I think homeschooling is going to be the route we take next year -- there are enough groups to find a resource when necessary for subjects that I'm not as confident in. Of course, I'm hoping not to need too much help since it's only the 1st grade...