Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 1996

Thanksgiving to me, means Hannah. My first love. Ok, my 2nd besides her Dad :) I was a young 19 when Hannah was born, but cherished my baby as any mother would. I dont think I even put her down for months! Returning to work in the ER just 6 weeks after she was born was probably the hardest thing I had ever experienced in life. I cried every day for months. I just wanted to be with my baby. I didn't want for her to have to drink pumped breast milk from a bottle. I just wanted to be home, even though she was home with her Daddy. Hannah came into this world on November 28th 1996which was Thanksgiving morning. From that day forward, Thanksgiving became even more than what it ever used to be.

Thanksgiving marks a day of giving thanks for all we have in life, a day of appreciation and celebration. Thanksgiving to me, means Hannah on top of all that. My sweet, beautiful, silly Hannah. Just recalling memories of the past 13 years at this moment brings tears to my eyes. Actually, alot of tears!! I could never imagine 13 years would have passed so quickly. Tomorrow my Hannah will be 13! I'm having a difficult time not crying when I think about that.

She's a young woman, not so much a child anymore. She's funny. Always telling stories with such enthusiasm and drama. She's so caring. She has a heart of gold, though most times she tries to show her 13yr old tougher side. She's an amazing athlete, her passion of Volleyball will drive her to higher places in life. I know so. She's so darn smart. I still remember her first word was "look" at the young age of 9 months. Seriously. Sentences before the age 2. Coversations soon to follow. She was such a little thing, still no teeth yet but talking to anyone that would listen. I miss my baby Hannah, yet I ADORE this young woman who stands in her place.

So yesterday Thanksgiving was celebrated at Josh's Mothers and Grandmothers house with all his sisters and their families. My family also gathered. My parents, my sisters, and my too cute little Neice Sami (who made me think of Hannah being that age!) What a beautiful day! Everything was perfect. Over the last 13 years, this was only the 2nd year that we didnt do Thanksgiving here at our house. I must was a VERY nice break! The kids and I still came together and helped with lots of cooking before hand. Maddison had her little apron on an couldnt get enough! This Thanksgiving was just amazing, So relaxing and full of family and great conversation. We were home by the evening, and I even got to sleep in until 11am today! WOW! I think I could run a marathon! Of course, sleeping until 11 did include a midnight BS check, (me and apple pie dont mix!) a 4am wake up when Hannah got home from midnight shopping at the mall and a 8am BS check to assure the CGM was still on track! Today? Its 80 degrees! Time for a nice long bike ride I believe :)


phonelady said...

Wow Kelly , Hannah looks just like you and you could not have gotten a better copy if you put it in the zerox machine . wow that is amazing and all children are gifts from God . You maddison is beautifull too . I hope all is well with all of you my dear .

Anonymous said...

Wow! Unbelievable that it has been that long, yet I remember it like it was yesterday! I also remember me and Josh bringing you food...A PBH when you were pregnant....oh how the times pass

Tami Lou

Wendy said...

Hannah truly is an amazing young lady. It a blessing to know her and she is joy to everyone she meets.

Happy Birthday, Hannah.

Where did the time go?

Laura Houston said...

Beautiful post and beautiful girls. You two look just a like. Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hallie said...

What a beautiful girl! (yes, I'm talking about BOTH of you!)

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Meri said...

What a beautiful picture! Happy birthday Hannah!! You always just ooze with pride when you write about her. What a great girl!