Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today Maddison's CGM continues to be right on track with her meter BS. Too bad we are going through a high spell and everything needs adjusting anyway. I would have liked to see the way things were BEFORE. BEFORE highness struck again. Right now all I see on the CGM is up, down, up up up, down, up up. YUCK. What were things like BEFORE? I mean, back when things were "easy" to figure out? The normal times of minor adjusting? Right now we are in overhaul. Adjusting everything.

Back in August Maddison's A1c was 7.2. October revealed 7.7, her highest ever. That was hard to swallow, even though I know that number is still considered good for kids. Looking at the trends on the CGM doesn't really tell me anything that I dont already know. It just provides more numbers for me to feel bad about. Tonight we have to remove the bandages and dressings that cover the sensor leaving it stuck in place. I betcha Maddison will complain about the tape itself, even though she didnt flinch with insertion. Sometimes its all the little things with Diabetes that get to us. CGM high alarms bugged Maddison all day at school today, I had them set at 250, but I guess we are looking at numbers surpassing that lately. Tomorrow I will just have to turn the alarms off!

Maddison's arm site was pulled out at school today. Luckily I was at home and was there to replace it within minutes. Just the aide worked the second half of school today. She was totally overwhelmed with kids everywhere. The things those kids go to the nurse for, it never fails to amaze me. Kinda like the ER. One's illness is anothers normal day I guess. One girl complained of bumps inside her mouth. One boy stubbed his toe. One tiny kindergarten cried when his flip flops broke. They were his favorite. It was so sad, but cute to see him standing there holding his cherished flip flops. So, I gave him a hug. :)

After replacing Maddison's site, I was on my way to the Sports Med Doctor with Hannah. What a waste of time and copay. 10 minutes is all we spoke with him. Seriously. He really didnt listen to me at all. According to him, Hannah does not have Torticollis, she has a neck strain with muscle spasm. And he left the room just like that. -SIGH- Now Hannah will need to go to Physical Therapy 2-3 times a week until her spasms resolve. I think I'm drowning in copays!

Tomorrow I plan to post THANKFUL THURSDAY. All the random things I am thankful for in life besides the obvious. Anyone with me?


Meri said...

I am thankful Maddison isn't having the awful lows she was having before! Those were so scary. :( Fight those high! At least she is safe while you figure it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! You got cgms! Understand your ambivalence. You can always stop wearing it at times. But it is there for you to use when needed. And remember, if this particular cgms is not a good fit for you there are others. Dexcom and Navigator, both relatively pain free insertions; Dex low profile also. Nice to have that integration with the pump, though, and that wonderful Carelink software.