Thursday, November 5, 2009

Silly me

Two days ago I had a sudden onset of pain in my calf muscle. I ignored it best as I could, until today at work when my entire leg felt as though it weighed 500lbs. I tried to convince myself it was all my imagination, and then as usual, it backfired and I began to have all kinds of crazy thoughts in my head.

I did have shortness of breath. I do have warmth there to the touch too. I can't have a blood clot! And then, I remembered this little thing called Diabetes. With Diabetes everything is a little more possible! So I tried to distract myself. No swelling, but my skin looks mottled all over now. I stood at my desk instead of sat. I stretched. I walked. My leg feels cold. I can't ignore it, what if I DO actually have a clot there? So, I called my doctor (who is awesome at always getting me in the same day) and scheduled a 2pm appointment.

I almost cancelled my appointment as the day wore on. I was back to thinking this was all my imagination. Ohhhhh the power of the mind! My doctor took one look at my calf, felt it and agreed it was warm to the touch, then left the room to call and get me a STAT Venous Doppler. Driving to the hospital I kept thinking "HOLY MOLY" "I might really have a blood clot!" and then I would turn right back around and say there was no way. Diabetes or no Diabetes, I'm FINE! Then the pain would pulsate and the mottling became purplish. Then my heart began to pound. "OH MY GOSH!! NOW I LOST THE CLOT AND ITS A PULMONARY EMBOLISM!!" Silly me, it was just a low. And, by the way....checking your blood sugar while driving IS as dangerous as texting while driving. I dont suggest you try it.

The doppler was quick. There isn't a DVT. I was on my way home and quickly counting my blessings. Counting each and every one of my blessings. I woke up this morning to very sad news all around me. A friends daughter lost her battle to cancer overnight. Wendy lost a dear friend to H1N1. So many health tragedies surrounding us lately. And here I was just FINE. HAPPY. HEALTHY. Thinking of the most precious family I am going home to. At peace with life. Hoping the others around us would be comforted soon again too.......


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you are ok! And I am also so glad the endo gave you some peace of mind the other day. You needed love and I'm glad you got it. :)

Here's to a better day tomorrow. :)

phonelady said...

Kelly I know exactly how you feel . I was so sad to hear of holli and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we still have folks dying from flu in this day and age . Then last night I get a call from a friend in va she has lost a son in afganistan . so needless to say I will be buying some condolence cards this wk . Im glad you are okay and everything is fine with you .Hugs to you my dear .

Wendy said...


I'm so glad we have each other.

I don't know what I would have done if you had a DVT -- that turned into a PE!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't scare me like that!

Beth said...

Not so silly - if the doc thought it was worth checking, then it must have been! Taking good care of yourself isn't silly, it's being smart and being a good mom! :)
I'm glad it was didn't need anything else on your plate.

Happy Saturday!