Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One very special Endo

Last night I couldn't sleep, even though I was so mentally exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep for days. Its no secret that I've been completely overwhelmed and frustrated to the core with Maddison's lows. Well, today one very special Endo changed all that. Dr "D" listens. She sympathizes. She understands. She goes the extra mile, especially when it comes to comforting and educating our children about their Diabetes. Dr "D" is a blessing to our family. I leave every appointment feeling like a fantabulous defeater of Diabetes! Dr D really changed the way I feel about all this nonsense lately. That is miraculous in itself!

Dr "D" agrees that Maddison needs to see a GI doctor based on her lows being only after meals. She also assured me I'm doing nothing wrong. I'm not missing anything, and there isnt anything else I could be doing that I haven't already. PEACE OF MIND. Now was the time I needed to hear that! I can't tell you enough how one simple visit today changed so many of my hard feelings! I feel like I'm cured of this guilt trip. I've been heard and my concerns are validated! Now we can move forward. A cancellation at the GI's office leaves us with an appointment tomorrow after school. Hallelujah!

I'm still freaked out by the fact that Maddison is unaware of her lows. We have always been very fortunate that Maddison was able to sense her lows before they got unsafely low. All I can do is run her higher right now and PRAY that someone can tell when she is off. School will continue to stress me out for now I guess. How do you send your kid to school knowing they dont feel their lows!!?? I've emailed Maddison's teacher and asked her to be especially attentive to any changes she may exhibit. I know she thinks I'm crazy by now. Thats ok. Sometimes we have to be.

Speaking of crazy....the school continues to suggest that Maddison no longer qualifies for an IEP. New testing results are back and we will be reviewing the results in a meeting the next few weeks. Today I contacted the ADA for an advocate. Now we will be good to go in this fight. It disgusts me that we have to fight for Maddison in so many ways. I guess I was naive to think the school is out for HER best interest.

Today Maddison woke up in the higher 300's with moderate ketones which is weird. New ratio from 1:14 to 1:20 left her in the 300's after breakfast. She wasn't low, and thats all that matters at this point. Maddison's A1c came back at 7.7% which I was HAPPY with. HAPPY. I was honestly relieved to hear I wasn't missing too many lows. Now we move forward and hope we find the answer to getting us back on track.

((Oh and thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on changing our meter. You never know what one might forget to consider! Unfortunately, these lows aren't a meter issue. We replaced all meters when these lows started back in Septemeber, and I even traded pumps with Maddison to assure they weren't malfunctioning.))


Amy said...

Congrats on the great A1C! So glad that you have a great Endo...and find it amazing that you can get right in to see a GI Dr.-- anxious to hear how it goes!

phonelady said...

thank god kelly . I m so glad and I so hope that all gets worked out soon . please let us know how it works out .

Wendy said...

HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy you're feeling better :) Dr. D just has a way of doing that!!!!

Can't wait to hear what GI has to say....

Meri said...

Hooray this doctor was able to get through to you...it is never your fault! You are doing a phenomenal job!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the endo validated your concerns. I hope the GI doctor can diagnose the problem quickly. Celiac can take a while to diagnose. I hope the endo gave you a strategy for the low blood sugars after eating in the meantime. Now would not be the time I would seek to change her diabetes plan. With all these lows, the school should be very concerned. After all, they are legally liable for her while she is in their care. Pray for that GI doctor to solve the problem.