Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Some things that I am the most thankful for are those that drive me crazy the most....

**My husband, yes, he mostly drives me CRAZY.
**Our two stinky Goldens that only know love, play and happiness in life
**My job that bores me to death, yet pays good and treats me like gold.
**My Swiffer dry mop. Keeping doggy floors clean, yet I hate that I need you so much!
**Maddison's birds that make such a mess, yet Maddison enjoys/loves them so much
**Insulin. You are so hated, yet loved and cherished more than anything.
**Our health insurance, even though you suck, I'll take anything we can get!
**Our school nurse, but sometimes I wish you would just LISTEN and not reply :)

Other unusual things I'm thankful for.....

**Feather comforters- enough said!
**cell phones....helping me track down my kids!
**Hair straighteners- My hair is totally bushy 80's style otherwise!
**2c chocolate milk mix
**BBQ grills-SUMMER!
**a nice glass of wine
**Febreeze-stinky pet house MUST HAVE!!
**Furry socks
**DARK Chocolate
**Apples-sometimes I like them MORE than chocolate!
**Green Tea
**singing daughters as I blog :)
**stuffed animals-a necessity for Maddison's sleeping areas
**Zebra stripes-always makes me think of Hannah
**Google-for those that MUST know ALL details
**Clean sheets scented candles

WOW, I could go on all day!


Meri said...

My littlest loves zebras too. :)

And there is nothing better than sinking into my down comforter at the end of the day!

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Your life seems pretty normal to me! I just love a good scented candle this time of year. Especially the Pumpkin Cheesecake ones and the gooey cinnamon buns scent. Thanks for sharing.

phonelady said...

oh kelly did not know you like green tea , have you tried Yogi tea ? it is great and you have to get it in the natural food stores . it is just awesome . good to know some more things about you . Yes I love my birds too and they are messy lol !!! Yep have a swifter too love it !!! thanks for sharing and posting .