Monday, November 16, 2009

NOW It's working

NOW it's working. Double down arrows, a plummeting blood sugar after our daily bike ride. Within 15 minutes Maddison was down to 108 from 220 before bike riding. NOW I can SEE this thing in action.

Sunday night was time for Maddison's pump site change, then she asked me when it was "her turn" to wear the CGM. Can't deny that. After chasing lows from 9pm until
1am, it was time to calibrate a stable number into the CGM. The accuracy of this thing has been amazing ever since. Down arrows, double downs, whatever is happening in that little body of Maddisons, the CGM even catches up to the rise. Just 24 hours in to Maddison wearing this thing I am totally impressed. This CGM is ALL OVER these numbers, tracking them like I never would have imagined.

Maddison proudly wore her CGM for the first time to school today. A good calibration had the meter vs CGM readings within 10 points or less all day. Then came our after school bike rides. Racing is more like it. Hannah and Maddison like to RACE. No casual enjoyable ride here. Its an all out workout! Regardless of carbing Maddison up for rides, she still drops. THANK YOU CGM. You saved us multiple times today. Now....what will tonight bring? I've been reducing over night basals, because of course, the lows come hours after the fun as well. No luck. Dropping. Dropping. PB and honey sandwich with chocolate milk. Dropping Dropping. Tonight I have the CGM all ready to go to fight these lows. NOW that I know this thing is working, I have a much better peach of mind. Trusting it? Not completely of course, but at least day 1 has been impressive. We shall see what tonight brings.


phonelady said...

Im so glad and you can hear the sanity in your writing . I hope it continues to go well for you . God bless and take care .

Meri said...

What a miracle! Great news! I pray it continues to stay reliable. If it gives you peace of mind it's worth it's weight in gold!

katerina said...

these are very good news!! any thoughts about the needle and the insertion experience?

Wendy said...


I'm so happy to hear that it's working...AND that Maddison is receptive to it!!!!


It gives me hope for future CGM technology!

Hallie said...

That's great!!! I'm so glad to hear it! Is it a Dexcom?

Beth said...

I'm so glad she asked about it and wanted to try it, and am even more glad that it's working well!