Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The GI Doc

Just back from Maddison's appointment with the GI doctor... He was GREAT! He listens. He validated my concerns. He is very caring and kind. Being that Maddison's labs came back completely negative of all Celiac Antibodies, we have 2 weeks in which he wants to try SOMETHING before moving on to the scope biopsy. I suppose I agree somewhat to that, even though Maddison has such screaming loud symptoms of Celiac.

*Stomach pain (since forever!)
*Dental enamel defects, per her Dentist
*Bone age delay (5yrs 9months when she was 8yrs 4months old)
*Short Stature
*Failure to thrive as a young child
*Dermatitis of her elbows
*And now, unexplained severe low blood sugar only after meals

The other thing is, a biopsy is the only "Gold Standard" of diagnosing Celiac. Just because Maddison doesn't have any antibodies of Celiac doesn't mean she doesn't have it. AND, my whole point is this....Maddison does not have any abnormal antibodies that indicate she has Diabetes either. SO MAYBE she just doesnt have the Celiac antibodies just the same. To me, that would make sense. Throw in some new crazy lows on top of all the other symptoms(including intensified abdominal pain)and we have no choice but to do the biopsy in my opinion. Two weeks on Prevacid, I'll give him that. But I'm still requesting the biopsy regardless.

Our super high ratio left Maddison 280's after breakfast today. Thats much safer than 20's for now, but its still hard to do. I know Maddison feels terrible because of it. Strange thing, I have Maddison's lunch ratio from 1:26 to 1:40 and she came back at 188....Hmmmmmmm that would have been a BAD low if her ratio wasn't so high. I think. I know....Ratio's change. Basals change. Sensitivity changes. Everything changes. But 20's dont just happen often for no reason when you are doing everything in your power to prevent them! I'm happy we are on our way to at least ruling out Celiac. We found a great doctor once again, and I know soon we will be back to "normal."

Whatever that is.


Amy said...

It sounds like you are on your way to figuring things out! Hope you can get your answers soon.
Have you ever heard of monogenic diabetes? I ran across some info online (don't remember how) about monogenic diabetes and the only way they know if someone has it is through genetic testing. I won't get into all the particulars- but check out and
Perhaps you've looked into this already- but from some things you've's worth looking into- especially with her having no antibodies and having a relative with the same thing. It's interesting stuff.

phonelady said...

thank god for the new drs in our lives huh ? I hope this one gets things straight for your household . Man that has got to be so hard . Hope it all works out for you . Hugs to you .

AjsMommy82 said...

Have you tried doing your own experiment and only giving her gluten free food?