Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look what I got!

Yesterday I was serious when I said I won't be blogging until I have something nice to say. Well, guess what?! I do have something very nice to say!! Look what we got!!!

Our Minilink CGMS came today!! I couldn't even wait for training before giving this new gadget a try!! I know, bad me! I read the books and studied for about an hour before I told Josh to slap it on me. I'm wearing it on my lower back area, the "muffin" area where I have the most chub. Not a bit of pain with insertion, but let me tell ya....that needle is intimidating!!

Already having the pump meant the insertion of the sensor already made sense in my plastic pancreas functioning mind :) Too bad I can't get the pump to respond with anything but a "BAD SENSOR" error!!!

Actually, when I first started the sensor, the transmitter was communicating with the pump just fine, then after about 20 minutes it alarms and says the sensor is weak. -SIGH- And so, now life goes on with me having to troubleshoot yet another device and question all sorts of new things. We shall see what this CGM has in store for ME before inflicting its irritations on Maddison. Once I feel I "get it" I'm supposed to try this CGM out on Maddison. Maybe. I'm still leaning towards anti-CGM for Maddison (for MANY MANY reasons) but after all her crazy lows at school I have to approach Diabetes with an open mind and simply aim towards safety at this point. Wish me luck in getting this darn sensor to work!!!


Meri said...

Yah! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I hope this CGM ends up being da bomb and you are able to show those bg's who's boss!

Hallie said...

Yea! I'm excited for you! And I'm so glad you had something nice to say! I was missing you already! Hoping it starts working properly soon! (and if you want to see "chub" you can come for a visit! I didn't see anything close in those pics!)

phonelady said...

that is awesome and I hope you get things worked out for you . Hugs to you .

Wendy said...

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes :) :)

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you'dre feeling better!!!!

PS --- You're "muffin" looks great!