Sunday, November 8, 2009


What is it with bike riding that makes it require a billion carbs to keep from going low? Maddison FINALLY decided to try to ride a bike earlier this week. She took right off and never looked back. Since then, we have been taking nice long bike rides every day. I wish we could just set out without having to pack up first. The amount of stuff I need to pack just for a "carefree" bike ride is crazy!

Two meters. Two juices, glucose tabs, glucagon, water, cell phone and more juice. I gave Maddison a granola bar (17c) with a yogurt drink (13c)just before we left on our biking adventure. Thats alot of carbs. Her BS was a nice 167 to start, before the other carbs were eaten. About an hour later our bike ride came to an end. Maddison was 150. Hooray for getting it right!

I however, avoid bike riding like the plague. (even though I love it) I dont know what it is with using those different muscles, but I need around 60c to make it through an hour ride. My "normal" workout on the treadmill and doing interval weights requires nothing additional to keep me from going low. In fact, the adrenaline from running or walking on an incline will make me go high if I dont bolus a teensy bit. Very weird how different activities need different treatments. Before we left on our morning bike ride I had 75c without bolus. I came home at 92 with .3 active (from my morning coffee) Sometimes there isnt time for temp basals. Sometimes there isnt time for planning before last minute bike rides. We just do what we want to do, when we want to do it, and hope Diabetes co-operates. Today it did, and it just made my day.

What a great Sunday! The temp today will top 83 degrees. Its November and we are still in the 80's!! This month is going to fly by! Hannah will have 2 hour Vball practices on Mondays and Wednesdays with conditioning on Fridays. On the 28th my Hannah will be 13. THIRTEEN!!! Thanksgiving..... then the dreaded Christmas. I really dont like what Christmas has become. But, I do love Thanksgiving! The new year.....where is the time flying!? For now I'm taking a step back and enjoying the calm before the storm :)


phonelady said...

i think thanksgiving and christmas are hard but I think they are harder when you are t1 especially . bolus for this and that and then watch numbers precisely during this time of yr. I think I hate christmas also , but dont really care for thanksgiving either . Oh well just a really hard time of year for all of us .

Meri said...

I am so jealous. In the 80's?
Seriously. No fair!