Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is this thing working!!??

Day 2 of the CGM, it hasn't caught a low yet, though it does alarm AFTER I already know I'm low. (my low alarm is set at 80) I wasn't low low, just another 68 that FELT low low. My meter said 68 but the CGM said 85. According to the CGM I dont even have Diabetes!! I'm thinking it isnt tracking blood sugar rises accurately. Here is my last 24 hours......

Is that even possible? Is this thing working right?!!

Each finger poke today again revealed a number within 20pts of the CGM. EXCEPT after eating! (my highest meter reading today was 129 half an hour after eating and the CGM said I was still 75) I thought people say you can calibrate this thing well enough to be within 2-5pts? I have yet to see 2 up arrows or 2 down arrows indicating a rapid change in my blood sugar, so why didnt the CGM keep up with the rise? I think an experiment is needed to see if this thing is working right....I guess I should do a test! A candy test!! Where is that Halloween candy anyway? I think its time for me to do some experiments on myself. Ohhhh the torture :)

Above is my last 3 hours....a flat line. Hmmmm....Is this thing working!!??


Wendy said...

Well...could be just an amazing D Girl!!!!!

Let us know how that candy test goes...poor, poor, poor you!

phonelady said...

Just a thing to aggrivate you right ? LOL !! I know you are frustrated I hope it gets worked out .

Shamae said...

With Syd's CGM we have times like this too. The CGM can be really touchy and sometimes it's hit or miss. Just be careful when you calibrate it that it is at a time when your numbers are pretty stable and not changing quickly. Sometimes it's just the location and to get better numbers we've had to change the spot! Good luck!