Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The first 24 hours

After the CGM failed to catch my 51 blood sugar at 1am, I was a bit sketical if the darn thing was calibrated right or not. After my morning blood sugar check and over the next 7 hours, the CGM was within 20 points of what my meter blood sugars came back at. I suppose thats a decent calibration, but when I started to feel spacey with a 91 on the CGM (around 3 hrs post prandial) I knew I was really in the 60 range. Yep. Quick meter check showed 68. So what the heck? I can already see where this thing is going to almost be more work and worry than its worth. Trust is a big issue. I have my low alarm set at 90, knowing the lag time between blood and intersistial fluid. So, would the alarm ever have caught the low?

I was also relieved to see that my highest number all day was 148 after morning coffee. The CGM reflected that my BS remains incredibly stable, moving just a point or two up, instead of spiking, even after eating. No arrows pointing up today (showing fast increase in BS on the CGM) what so ever. TOTAL flat lines!!!AWESOME! Exactly why I try to pre-bolus everything! So, from 8am-2pm my BS stayed between 90 and 148, mostly hoovering in the 100 range. Thank you CGM!! That made my day to see a flat line!! Of course, thats just one day.....but I'll take it!

When I got home from work I got a little greedy and wanted a tighter calibration, so I took my number (68) which was stable from an hour earlier, and calibrated that. The CGM reflected it immediately. Then the hunger set in. I waited the recommended 20minutes before eating after calibrating, then had some chips with melted cheese and salsa. YUM! The CGM is now 70 points off!! It never caught up to my rising blood sugar!! 30 minutes later my finger poke says 170 but the CGM still says 103. ACK!! Thats what I get for being a greedy CGM user I guess. Now I wait and see if the darn thing ever catches up.

Which maks me the hell would I ever be able to get a good calibration on a 9yr old who is running, eating and jumping all day? It already seems impossible. Trust? Ahhhhhhhhhhh. The first 24 hours with this CGM and I have learned alot. I spent 6 hours last night reading the ins and outs from other users on the CGM users yahoo group. Yep, I've learned alot. But I've also got some serious doubts when it comes to ever making this thing work for Maddison. I'm anxious to see how many days I can get out of one sensor. I'm totally addicted to looking at my number reflected there on my pump every few minutes too. I must have looked like an OCD chick all day at work, LOL!!


Wendy said...

I know...I was glued to Nav and it wasn't even accurate in real time!!! But I could help watching the graph and glancing at it constantly to see the arrow!!!!

Looking good, chica...keep up the good work!

phonelady said...

Kelly hugs to you and so glad you are trying to get a hold on this thing . Just be carefull I hear so many stories about ppl ripping their infusion sets out . Not fun . I wish you much luck that you get it to work out . Many hugs sent your way .