Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not a big deal

Remember back to the day when changing from shots to a pump was like moving to some foreign land? You weren't really sure it was the right decision. You were scared and overwhelmed. You would ask yourself so many questions.....HOW can I make my child wear this device 24/7? Do we really want to use an insulin pump and have Diabetes be so visible? How will my child feel about it when everyone questions them about the tubing sticking out from underneath their clothes? Remember how deciding to pump insulin was SUCH a big deal? Remember how suddenly one day the pump was just an extension of your child and not a device?

Well, thats what I THOUGHT trying out a CGM would be like. I thought I would have all the same emotions as when we started the insulin pump. I DID NOT want this thing attached to my child. I DID NOT want to admit that another device may be helpful. I dont know why. I guess we ultimately just want Diabetes to be "easy" for our kids. We dont want fancy devices. We just want to do what we are supposed to do with insulin and food and have Diabetes always cooperate. It's taken me a LONG time to admit that just doesn't happen with Diabetes! I've always been one to find the answer for a high or low, at least I convince myself of that anyway. I think thats how I maintain a feeling of CONTROL over this disease. But not these days.

I was SO worried starting a CGM on Maddisn. Another set of numbers to analyze. Another potentially painful insertion, but, Maddison's first sensor went in without notice. Not a flinch. I must say, that alone made this new device a keeper. If Maddison had pain with insertion that first time I would have given up. Without a doubt. Our kids go through enough pain with finger pokes and site changes. A CGM is optional. I would have said NO THANKS! Goodbye CGM! After just 48 hours I can honestly say this CGM is no big deal. Its not a stressor at all. Unlike the pump start for Maddison, I started this thing up and its been right on track ever since. Seeing the way Maddison's 24 hour graph shows her crazy ups and downs, thats amazing. I thought calibration alone would have been intimidating. I think I've got that covered.

Of course problems will arise and the CGM wont be perfect. But for now its nice to know that we had a good start. I'm learning things already. Like, bike riding spikes Maddison for about 20 minutes. Then she drops like a rock at the 45 minute mark. Without the CGM it would have taken us some painful lows to learn how she reacted to that type of exercise. But the arrows were there, showing us the drop. We stopped the low before it happened. Thats priceless. Now, what to do with all the other information this CGM gives? Right now Maddison is running a high streak the past 2 days....growing maybe :) Its painful to see those high numbers flashing updated every 5 minutes on her pump screen, I wont lie about that. Maybe I should just stop looking. Its addicting though. Amazing to see what is happening. For now, I'm relieved that the CGM really isnt a big deal. So much less overwhelming that I thought it would be! Lets just hope it stays this way :)


phonelady said...

I hope everything goes well with it too . Hugs to you I know hard this must have been .

Joanne said...

That would be addicting, to keep looking at the numbers. We've talked about looking into one for Elise... much like we talk about looking into a pump. Lot of talk, no action. You hit the nail on the head when you said it's scary.

Wendy said...


I am so thrilled for you, Kelly!!!!

You needed this...this boost...this excitement...this moment to "feel good" about diabetes.

I feel like having a party...balloons, (GF) cake, fireworks.

Keep talking, Kelly...keep writing out how great this experience is...keep it coming, my friend.

Cuz I love it!!!!

Hallie said...

So glad it's working for you! I think I'd be addicted to looking at the number, too!! It may be in our future to try one!

Leigh said...

I'm glad it;s going well! It's always such a pleasant surprise when things go better than expected!