Thursday, November 12, 2009

Found Feathers

Tonight we got a call from someone that thought they found Maddison's lost Cockatiel. We were SO excited! After school we made the 12 or so mile drive down to the University of Phoenix Stadium. Some of the office staff there had been holding the bird a few days, trying to find his home. Our birdy flew to the stadium!!??

Sadly, this wasn't our Cockatiel. BUT, we decided to take him anyway. Maddison presented the nice lady with her business card (yes she has an actual business card with HER name on it) and told her how she volunteers for Fallen Feathers bird rescue, and let her know we will contact the rescue about this bird and foster him until we find his home. This super nice lady was very happy we were willing to do so, and turned the Cockatiel over us. So what came next? As soon as we got home Hannah went to work for her sister....Ms Hannah, the best big sister EVER made Maddison this website in support of Maddison's desire to help all other lost pet birds.....

Found Feathers

Now THAT is what I call sisterly love :)


Wendy said...



What a great thing for your family to be involved in. SO AWESOME!!!!!

I just absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!

phonelady said...

I think Hannah and Maddison have been raised by you , therefore you have raised them right and well .You must be very proud , you and your husband . Good job Mom .