Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Baby is 9

Tomorrow my baby Maddison is turning 9. NINE!! What happened to the little baby she used to be? The little girl that giggled and wanted to play hide and seek all day? Well, she's growing up too fast. This mom is having serious baby issues these days. I miss my babies. I miss my toddlers. I miss it all, every day I think about the days when I was "Mommy" and realize I'm suddenly just "Mom" now. I feel empty these days, like something is missing. That something is my babies, my little girls toddling along beside me. Ever since my Niece was born last year, my nagging mommy feelings returned stronger than before. I think if I didn't have genetic Diabetes, I'd be planning another pregnancy right about now. I'm crazy, I know. I THOUGHT I was done having children, but that was so many years ago.


Wendy said...

She's SO CUTE :) I love that baby belly pic!!!!

Happy Birthday, Maddison!!!!

Those baby days are so incredibly precious -- but so are these special days of volleyball and aviaries...hang on to every special moment.

You are such an amazing mom...your sweet girls are such awesome people!!!!!

mom2wendy said...

NINE is MAGIC! Happy Birthday, Maddison.

Meri said...

You're not crazy. I'm in the same boat. Good thing my hubby and I CAN'T have any more! You, my dear, should follow your heart!