Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School day 2, the wonder that drives me bonkers

Open mouth, insert foot. Yep, isnt that how it goes in Diabetes land? Last night Maddison needed a correction before bed. She was good three hours after but just 78 waking up this morning, WITH a headache, stomach ache and sore throat. Lovely. Maybe the strep throat isnt done in our house afterall. Swimming caught up with her Maddison from yesterday I suppose. 78 isnt a typical wake up number lately. Dont you love how I always think I have the answer? It makes me feel better! Anyway, just 1 hour after breakfast Maddison was 132 going into class. CRAP. No pre-bolus was given. At 1hr PP she has 2.3u active at 132? The mom in me WORRIED she would go low like Sunday. So, I gave her 8c and sent her on her way. Sitting at work I wonder.

I check my cell phone repeatedly, no call from the nurse. Maybe my phone isn't working? I keep my email open at work.....no email from the nurse either. Of course I KNOW in my mind that the nurse will call if Maddison is low or too high.....it doesnt matter. I still WONDER. Right there in the FRONT of my mind with each passing minute. I think of Maddison every few minutes at work, and wonder what her blood sugar has done today. Did I screw her all up by giving her those 8c this morning in a last minute fear of lows? Is she too high now? Could I be lucky enough to have done the right thing in that split second decision?

Its lunchtime, I PROMISED myself to not call the nurse or email her asking about Maddison's numbers. Really. I have to stop. I know she's fine! Honeslty, I'm surprised I didnt break down and just call anyway! I just like to know so I can continue my day without wondering. Up pops an email from the nurse. Out of test strips? Um...nope, there is an extra 100 in Maddison's drawer....BUT, I'm SO glad YOU emailed ME!! An excuse to see the numbers! I sure did screw up the day! This is what the nurse reported.....(I didnt even have to ask, LOL)

930am 216 which is 3hrs PP
1105am 275 which is over 4hrs post prandial

ACK! I guess Maddison didnt need that 8c I gave in a panic to avoid what I THOUGHT would be a low after breakfast. Looks like basals are starting to be a bit off too getting back into an earlier routine. And so, this is how it goes in Diabetes land. For anyone without Diabetes who reads my blog, welcome to our world.


Wendy said...

Isn't funny how we always manage to rationalize why a good thing can't really be that good????

I would have done the same darn thing!!!!!!!!

2 days down, 178 to go....

Meri said...

I know of a couple people that have this device that when your child checks their blood sugar it will text message you what is was every time. It has a start up fee, and a yearly membership. Too rich for my blood, but such a cool idea!