Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week 2

On this Tuesday I'm happy to say that school is still going great for the girls. Tomorrow Hannah has a volleyball meeting before tryouts on Friday morning. Exciting! Maddison is still happy in class, she is delighted to tell me how they are learning about rocks and minerals each day. Blood sugars have fallen into place, looking VERY good, surprisingly. This year I knew what to expect after last years chaos returning to school, which made adjustements happen much quicker this year. No waiting around for 3 days of a pattern.....checked the old log books instead!

Ive been feeling icky lately. It seems I always get the lingering illness everyone else has had weeks prior. Weird. My blood sugars are good (except I cant stop eating CRAP all day) but my throat is sore and my ears hurt. ICK. I just woke from a 2 hour nap! Josh is home from work today and picked up the girls from school. All I remember is napping away when Maddison came in and curled up in bed with me after school. She sure was lovable today, she isnt usually so cuddly. That just made my day! We've been working on getting her outdoor aviary all ready to go for her birthday on Sunday....I'm sure she knows what it is, she isnt allowed to go out into the back yard right now and ruin the surprise.....she keeps hugging me all day trying to work the Maddison magic. She wants me to give in and let her have her gift early :)

With school back in schedule, I'm REALLY trying to get back into my workout routine. So far, its a no go. I only have between 5am-630am to devote each day before getting the girls prepared for school then leaving for work....sleep continues to win. -sigh-I'm sure if I didnt wake up so often for blood sugar checks I'd be well rested each morning and ready to roll out of bed to my treadmill like I used to be....maybe some day. 5 days until my baby turns 9!!!

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Wendy said...

Ah...gotta love those cuddly moments :)

So happy to hear that school is going well and her numbers are good!!!!! I'm thrilled, in fact!!!!!!

Sleep vs Work Out...umm...