Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strep throat/School week 3

We didn't even make it 3 weeks into school before Maddison got the germies! Although we have been diligent hand washers the second arriving home from the school germ fest each day, Maddison contracted Strep throat. WEIRD. WEIRD WEIRD. Let me tell you why. Everytime Maddison runs crazy high with ketones and a severe sore throat I'm certain she has Strep. We take her in, get the rapid test done and its negative. Every single time! WEIRD!!

Sunday (on her birthday) Maddison started with what sounded like the average head cold. Stuffiness, cough. Sore throat and a headache. Classic. Blood sugars have been low. No fever. Some ear pain. Just ride it out right? We aren't quick to jump to the Pediatrician, especially with sore throats and all the negative strep screenings! I kept Maddison home from school yesterday because it was obvious this cold was giving her a terrible headache. She ended up being fine all day with a little tylenol, lots of water and some TLC. She played with her birds, on the computer, played vet, happy as can be. True, Maddison is quite pain tolerant. She did complain of a slight sore throat and a headache all day, but I never would have actually thought she needed a strep test (even though she was exposed last week) because she was seemingly fine. Its not like she was laying in bed or anything! This morning Maddison woke up icky again, so I was stuck thinking of the WEIRD pattern she has with strep. Made an appointment, and Josh took her in just in case. Blood sugars still fine. No fever. STREP POSITIVE. WEIRD!

I'm 223. At work. Can't think straight. 223 is very high for me. Doesn't happen often for no reason unless I ate the unpredictable. I feel weak, I thought I was low. My pump is bleeping LOW RESEVIOR. I'm grumpy and dizzy. I just want to go home. I can't. Gotta be at work. YUCK. Watch out, the school germs are back!

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Meri said...

OH MY!!! Heaven help me! I'm not ready for the school germs. :(

Hope your baby sails through it, and can't you call in diabetic and go home? Or better yet, call in crazy! Your child is sick, that can make any mother nuts.

Wishing you all a speedy recovery!