Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation Day 4

Hannah's fever broke quickly last night after a nice dose of Motrin. Poor girl being sick on vacation. How miserable. At midnight I finally felt I could sleep, and it was time to check Maddison anyway. All it took was lifting Maddison's little hand to know she had a fever too. 103 in fact. My mind raced forward nervous that Maddison's fever would reflect a terrible high blood sugar. 178. Oh we go. I woke Maddison up for some Motrin as well, and corrected the slightly high number. As always, set the alarm to re-check the high. At 3am Maddison was in the lower 200's, but she wasn't on fire anymore. Thank goodness.

Vacation day 4 today started terribly. Hannah was in tears with a swollen throat, but mostly complained of being too tired. Too tired? Too tired in my mind means a blood sugar check. Hannah cried and cried. She didnt want to miss our last day at Lego land. We all kinda lazed around for awhile. Then Maddison started with a fever again. I bolused her for breakfast when she assured me she was starving. Then she couldnt eat. Stomach pain. Somehow, Maddison ate enough carbs of dry cereal to keep from going low. Hannah forced herself to get dressed, and we were on our way. Then came Hannah's fever again just as we arrived at Legoland. Checking Maddison's sugar before we got out of the car showed 82. With 1.2 active. 15c of skittles, then a snack. Recheck shows a 54. Now Maddison's pale and wants to "go to sleep" saying she's confused and feels like "I'm dying"

ACK. Long story short....before even getting started at Legoland we had to take a break. Somehow today ended up being a GREAT day, despite Maddison's 3 lows before the day was done. Despite Hannah AND Maddison having a fever. Then Dad turned sick. Chills. Fever. Yep, we still ended up having a great day. Thats called lots of determination to just have FUN on vacation! Lots of Gatorade. Lots of Tylenol and Motrin. Tons of water and sunscreen. Pictures to come soon! Tomorrow around noon we will start the long drive home. Thank goodness!


Wendy said...

UGH!!! I'm so sorry the girls are sickies :(

And Josh too!!!!!!

I'm glad you were able to enjoy vacation a little -- hopefully the car ride home won't brig any excitement.

I'll pray for your safe return and that your family will be restored to health ASAP!!!!!

Miss you...have a safe drive...

Beth said...

I'm glad it turned out to be a great day, despite the rough and rocky start. I hope you all are well and healthy and able to enjoy the last bits of vacation! {{{hugs}}}