Saturday, August 15, 2009


We survived the first week of school! In fact, Maddison thrived. She started every morning happy as can be, eager to be on her way. She came home from school smiling and ready to share details of her day. HAPPINESS. Thats all that matters right now, starting the year off on a good note instead of craziness and sadness as EVERY year past! YAY for Maddison's new found happiness in school! And YAY for new friends!Here's the girls on the first day of school......
Maddison will be turning 9 in just ONE week! I can't believe it! I really wanted to do something special for Maddison's birthday this year. I keep thinking how she isnt really a "little" girl anymore, and how FAST the next years will go. Seems once your kids get a bit older the next few years FLY by! Can't I just keep my kids as they are?? I'm totally having mommy meltdowns! I miss the babies and toddlers in my life!

So what would be really special for Maddison? Well, being that Maddison has been so good with being more responsible(doing homework without me asking, remembering school papers, cleaning her room, doing her chores, taking care of her pets)I figured I would give her even MORE responsibility. Responsibility that she's been asking for for a long time.....this years gift to Maddison for her outdoor aviary!!! ((Yes Wendy....MORE animals for you to visit at our zoo!!) I'm so excited I can hardly keep the secret another week!

Since we are SO fortunate to have Ms Jodi in our lives (from the bird rescue where Maddison volunteers)I decided to give her a call last night to see her thoughts on setting up Maddison with her very own aviary. JODI was excited for Maddison! I told Jodi what Maddison would like best.....taking in the birds that aren't able to be released after being rehabilitated. Sooooooo.....Ms Jodi is working on a few things and will be calling me shortly! We are going to work on this VERY SPECIAL gift for Maddison together!! PURE HAPPINESS!!!!

In Diabetes land, Maddison did much better with numbers yesterday, EXCEPT the dang trail mix the kids made in the end of the day. 389 afterwards, how was the nurse supposed to accurately count carbs in a trail mix with mixed cereal pieces, M&M's, chocolate chips, crackers and such? Sheesh. Thats a hard one! I was able to find my logs from last year when Maddison started school....looks like the back to school pattern is quite similar this year. I upped basals and changed the breakfast ratio a tad based on last years morning basal changes. So far, much better. We are getting there! Now to see how this weekend goes, I'm sure I'll be working on a weekend pattern too!

Off to do some aviary planning! I should be doing laundry and chores. No happiness in THAT! Must plan some HAPPINESS :)


Wendy said...

I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED to hear that Maddison is the HAPPY girl we know and love!!!!!!! I know what a struggle school has been for you guys and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about how thrilling this must be...for all of you!!!!!

Honestly, Kel, I could not think of a better gift for your "Bird Angel" other than her very own aviary. Does she have any idea??? I just can't imagine her joy when she discovers what is in store for her!!!!!

Between your animal lover and volleyball star, you have some truly amazing daughters over there. I hope to be able raise such loving, beautiful girls.

It's so good to know that we have each other. I just can't imagine the day we send Maya -- the last one of our 5 -- off to college.

Here we are starting a school year, but in the blink of an eye, we'll be praying their wings are ready. Our little aviary...

It does go so fast. I'm so thankful God let our paths cross on this journey.

mom2wendy said...

What a wonderful idea. What a wonderful gift. What a wonderful first week at school. What wonderful, wonderful happiness!

Meri said...

I'm am so excited for your birthday surprise! I love keeping happy secrets!

Anonymous said...

Who is that sexy beast girl in the blue shirt? >;] Dang, shes so amazing. haha