Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forgot to mention

I guess I forgot to mention in my last post that Maddison IS going to have her sugars checked more often than once a day at school. Silly me, I didnt actually mention the fact that ***I***scheduled Maddison to check at 9am (2.5hrs after breakfast) again before lunch (2 hrs later) and before afternoon recess which is 3hours post lunch. I think this will work just fine. The nurse still says the 9am check will be "just for the first month" but she isn't in charge of deciding that, I am :) It still irritates me that the school originally only planned that one lunch time check, but if ya'll know me, you know there is no way I would let that slide!

I've had lots of emails from people being concerned asking WHY IN THE WORLD would the school only check Maddison's sugar once a day. I assure you this would never actually happen, my last post didnt clarify that I INDEED changed that. Silly me! And yes, Maddison does have a 504/IEP. Every child with Diabetes must if you ask me! The nurse will come to Maddison for times that she feels low or high, I'm wondering if I should just ask if she can come at all the scheduled times?

Tonight I'm NERVOUS with thoughts of Monday morning invading my mind. I CANT BELIEVE SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm optimistic for a great year. I wish I was just as optimistic about blood sugars at school! Maddison has been hoovering in the 70-120 range alot lately. I thought maybe she was getting the strep throat that Josh came home from vacation with....seems Maddie always has lows before an illness followed by highs during and after. We havent even been subjected to the school germs yet......

The bus ride....I hate the fact that school starts in August in Phoenix when the days are still in the 110 range! Maddison is in school an hour longer this year, which means she will be riding the bus home with the 110 degree heat. With insulin pump attached. Heated insulin, you dont know it until the high hits. That irritates me.

Oh! Guess what!!! I forgot to mention the GREAT thing we learned on Friday at Meet the Teacher Night......In Maddison's class this year is "Riley" a boy who's brother was diagnosed about a year after Maddison. So, "Riley" knows all about Diabetes! His brother is in 5th grade this year, but its great to know that his brother is in Maddison's class, someone who understands!! I talked with his mom on Friday who I met earlier this year on a field trip, and she says "Riley" is always watching out for his brother :) He is always asking him if he needs to check his sugar when he behaves strangely and asking him if he needs to check his ketones when he's high. GREAT! Someone to watch out for Maddison!! Funny thing.....Rileys dad was diagnosed at age 10, then his son at age 9. Father/son just like mother/daughter. We feel close to this family just for that reason. A great school year ahead, good riddance to last year and that CRAZY USELESS teacher!


mom2wendy said...

I feel so much better!!! :) I think it is great that you have another family who faces the same issues as you. Not that I think diabetes is great...I am just happy that you have support for your very unique situation.

Meri said...

What a difference a teacher makes!

I don't want to jinx it, but there is a slim chance all my diabetics will have teachers that we have had before...OH GOOSEBUMPS! And they are all teachers we like. Hopefully I'll find out for sure next week.

I bet that little boy really does look out for your daughter. Diabetic siblings are awesome!