Monday, August 10, 2009

1st day of school! AMAZING!!

Last night Maddison fell asleep at a decent time of 9pm. Unusual for her! Hannah however, went to bed around 8pm then woke up as I was going to bed at 11. She tossed and turned. Around 1am she says she finally fell asleep. I tried to tell her those summer hours would haunt her......

Maddison was a bit high over night, not sure why, but she was good by waking time. She insisted on the tummy site for last nights site change. All I could think was that tummy site would cause us lows this morning with back to school chaos...but I'm happy to report only GOOD things! Maddison woke up HAPPY to go to school. HAPPY! Thats huge for Maddison my school hater :)

Maddison didnt want to finish her milk with breakfast, so I substituted PB pretzels instead. She spiked from the pretzels of course...when I dropped her off at school she was 271. I hung around with the school nurse today helping her with some paperwork she needed done. Of course, the reason for my being so helpful was the FEAR of yesterdays lows. If Maddison was going to have a repeat of yesterday morning I wanted to correct it myself. I know, I need to let go.

At Maddison's first 9am check she was 198 (2hrs PP) then by PE she was 129 (3hrs PP zero active) I couldnt BELIEVE IT! At 11:15am for lunch she was 99.
AMAZING!!! At 2:15 before recess Maddison was 159 with zero active....she came home at 3:3opm and was 129!!!!!!!!!!!1 AMAZING!

Total relief. I know this is only day one of school, but at least now I'm optimistic and not fearful for tomorrow. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jesus for an amazing back to school day! I so appreciate it!


Wendy said...

I'm THRILLED for you guys!!!! Keep up the good work and keep up the prayers :)

mom2wendy said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Jesus!!! You go, Maddison.

Scott K. Johnson said...