Sunday, August 9, 2009

Terrible timing

Last night and into this morning, Maddison didn't budge more than 10pts from 11pm to 9am, what an awesome thing to see :) Something is right somewhere! (at least for ONE night!) Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Terrible timing.....a horrible morning of persistant lows after breakfast....THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!!!! ACK!!

What does this mean for tomorrow!!??? I can't decide what to do!! I've already decreased Maddison's AM basals down to amazingly low amounts earlier this week. It seems the new tummy sites Maddison has chosen (thanks to Dr D encouraging her to try new places) are highly effective in absorbing that insulin! Should I have Maddison switch to the "normal" site place in order to avoid lows tomorrow so we can play it safe? Tonight IS site change night anyway.....

Maddison had a typical breakfast this morning at 9am. Its like Diabetes never woke up today......

10:41am BS=50 with 1.2u active...give 20c juice
11:00am BS=65 gave 8c juice with 6c glucose tabs and 17c granola bar
11:15am BS=57 gave glucose gel, glucose tabs and 25c dry sugary cereal
11:30am BS=130 .9 active bolused half the carbs for the cereal
Noon (sure she would be sky high) BS back down to 99
Gave 15c uncovered PB pretzels
1:45pm BS 98

ACK!!?? So, I guess I reduce basals again for tomorrow? I dont see WHY this is happening THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!!! Maddison's morning basal is now the lowest-EVER!! Terrible timing! Looks like I WILL be stressed out for school tomorrow afterall. What terrible timing!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Diabetes!!! Give my Maddison a break!


Meri said...

I think it's safer to change her site to the old place for the next couple days anyway. It would definitly help ease your mind. B is such a skinny thing, when we put a set in his stomach it is a whole different world.

Good luck! She is going to do great! You guys are ready!

Wendy said...

Keep swimming...just keep swimming...We'll get through this year together, my dear :)

mom2wendy said...

Got my fingers crossed and prayers in my heart for a GOOD uneventful school year for dear, Maddison.