Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TRYING to make our walk video

I've been totally unmotivated to start our walk video this year. I had a sudden urge, and decided to go with it. Maddison wants to be interviewed for this years video, but unfortunately, you could totally tell her blood sugar was high. She couldn't say the things she was trying to say, she couldn't find her words. I recorded the video clips anyway and just listened to what she had to say. Maddison said some very funny things that made me chuckle. Its very interesting to hear her point of view....

"I know that Diabetes can cause bad things, like Charcots foot that my Grandpa has, but that won't happen to me.....my mom takes good care of me."

"Diabetes isnt like everyone thinks. It isn't so bad. Sometimes it is. But not usually."

"Low blood sugar makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud"

"High blood sugar makes me think slow and makes my muscles hurt. I get tired and thirsty, then my head hurts. I just want to lay in my moms dark room watching animal planet"

"Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that killed my pancreas. It doesn't make insulin anymore like normal peoples pancreas. I dont think my liver works right either."

"People with Diabetes can still do everything that other people do. We are still the same, but sometimes everything is harder with Diabetes"

"Diabetes isn't so bad. I'm still me and I'm still happy alot"

I was hoping Maddison would talk about all the Diabetes sad stuff during her interview....you know, how sad she must feel some days. The sad side is what brings in the money for our fundraising walk! Maddison didn't have anything but GOOD things to say about Diabetes tonight.....what a great thing to hear.

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Meri said...

It seems to me that you're raising her right. :)