Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weird timing and 3rd grade math

I FINALLY gave in and went to see my doctor today. This was day 5 of my continuing fever, when I realized my lower back really hurts! All these days I thought my fever and body aches was from the flu Maddison and I have been fighting. NOPE. Well, maybe at first. Today it became clear, very quickly, that I have a kidney infection looming. What weird timing! I tell ya, for me its all or nothin'!!

I was quite bothered with my Dr visit today. I didnt get to see my regular doctor, a PA actually. I saw another doctor in the group who wasn't very thorough. I'm sorry... I guess I expect doctors to be on top of past medical history and current medical conditions. Is it too much to ask that they review your chart? This doctor was concerned with my high level of ketones. Not once did he ask what my blood sugar was. Isn't that kinda important? What if I was in DKA? What if I was a person with Diabetes that wasn't on top of all this? He asked if I had eaten lately, I said no I hadn't eaten at all today, and he said I needed to eat something to get rid of the ketones....this was true for me today. I hadn't eaten, so besides being sick I also had elevated ketones becuase I hadn't eaten all day. My blood sugar has been 60-127 the past week since I've been ill. WEIRD. I dont go high when I'm sick. But WHAT IF my blood sugar was as high as my ketones!!?? He never once asked me about my blood sugar! I just don't feel like doctors are in tune enough with their Diabetic patients, no wonder there are so many people with Diabetes that go downhill.

What if I had ketones and terribly high blood sugar? He wouldnt know..BECAUSE HE NEVER ASKED ABOUT MY BLOOD SUGARS!! Sheesh. I just couldnt believe that.

Ms Maddison spiked a fever again tonight....WEIRD. How can you have a fever and be on Anti-biotics? -Sigh- Guess something still isnt right somewhere. Poor girl. She's been sick over a week now. MATH....catching up on math.......3rd grade is learning multiplication right now. Just starting to learn. So where the heck did these problems come from....

m + 6 + 21 = 70

3 x 2 x a = 42

36 = t-9

16= 4xq

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!????? THIS is 3rd grade math? I'm so frustrated and irritated with our school!! The expectations are ridiculous. can't we master something before moving on to the next lesson? The kids JUST started learning multiplication after Thanksgiving and now they are pushing THIS on them? In 3rd grade!!?? Needless to say, Maddison is struggling. Again. And I have to fight for her to keep an IEP? Our meeting is scheduled next week. SOMEONE has GOT to step in and help Maddison succeed. As a parent I do my part, so what happens when that isn't enough? We are caught up on missed work, but as quickly as schools move ahead these days there just isn't enough time to master anything. Its all up to me to make an educational plan that will keep Maddison from falling behind? What is the schools responsibility in all of this? An advocate charges $250 for a consultation. Each hour that they work up a plan or attend meetings with you costs $175 per hour. What happened to "no child left behind"???


phonelady said...

public schools just dont care anymore and it seems that the private schools take more time with your child than the public ones do . I hope it all straightens out soon including the illness. have a great day .

Laura Houston said...

Girl - you are sick! You need some TLC! Wish I was closer to help. Are you drinking fluids??

I hope you are both feeling better and on a speedy road to recovery.

My oldest in just in K so I have no idea how to help you with the school stuff but I feel your frustration. I sincerely hope everything smooths out for you.

Hugs to you and both of your beautiful girls!

Amy said...

Does your school use the Everyday Math curriculum? The examples you gave look just like my 3rd graders homework!! I DON'T LIKE that kind of doesn't teach them the basics of what they need to know.
Feel better soon!! VERY odd that he didn't ask about your blood sugar!!

Megann said...

Oh Honey. My husband is a 6th grade teacher. He'd have lots to say about the "No Child Left Behind". And not nice things. School is all about politics these days.
Lainey usually gets low numbers when she's sick too. I can't believe that dr didn't ask you about your BG! Get better soon. I'm so sorry there's gunk at your house.
I Facebooked Wendy. Monday, Dec. 28th works best for her. You in for a lunch date? Do you want to pick the place? I can drive to the Phx area.

Wendy said...


First of all, I'm happy you got to the root of your fever...bugged that the doc didn't bother to ask about your numbers.

As for math, well, I seriously have no idea how I'm going to help Addy when she gets there -- Math is NOT my strong suit...

(((HUGS))) to both of you and lots of prayer that you start feeling better SOON!!!!

Jill said...

O-M-G! I feel like I'm reliving last year with Kacey and the Math issues!! I KNOW how you're feeling and unfortunately it doesn't get easier. These kids are doing Math that we didn't do til high school and once they get to high school then we cant even help them anymore! Kacey is in 4th grade and doing Geometry!! Thankfully thats what Kayleigh is taking this year in school and she was able to help her with some of the problems she was having with her work when she was absent on Mon and Tues for being sick.

((((HUGS)))) Hope things get better soon and get some REST!!!