Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brown bag full of love

This morning as I made Maddison's lunch for school, she decided to make ME a lunch to take to work. How sweet is that?

My Maddison, always thinking of others...she has such a big heart! I was so touched by her thoughtfulness. Today of all days I really needed something like this to cheer me up. Besides the sorrow that Christmas brings me (for many reasons) I've been debating over this CGM thing. And, on December 4th is Maddison's 3rd year living with Diabetes. That alone makes us recall the years past doesn't it? There is so much hustle and bustle right now between school, the holidays, and LIFE. Then I listen to the news. News....didnt I promise I would stop listening to the news? I'm also not feeling so great, I have a slight fever and headache...and to top it off I got an unwelcomed 2nd period this month! Of course feeling like I'm getting sick I woke up at a way high 190 today (98% of the time I wake up under 118) and after my morning coffee I was 290!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent seen a number that high ...well, since Thanksgiving apple pie! But 290 for me is really like 500. ACK! But enough of all THAT!

Inside my lunch today was also a little love note......

My Maddison sure knows how to make it all better....with just a touch of who she is :) One little brown bag lunch full of love. Made my day. Lifted my spirits. Gave me the little boost I needed to make it through today!! I love my Maddison!


Tracy said...

You made me cry thinking of how sweet she is! I love that she made you a lunch, put your name on it, and put a little note inside. How cute is she?

Shamae said...

Oh that is so sweet! What a tender way to show her love. You deserve it.

Meri said...

Notes in lunches are the best love notes ever! What a great little girl. :)

If your sick, that probably explains the higher numbers...blech...I'm sorry!

Chin up friend...you are going to make it through! :)

phonelady said...

what an awesome thing to have happen . I cant believe someone is going through what I am going through . I love all of you ladys so much and it is good to know that we are all there for each other . wow your madison sounds like a diamond and that is because you are a good mom .