Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick with a terrible ICK!

Maddison missed the actual American Girl fashion show :( She was so heartbroken. She tried to tough it out, (her idea) but within an hour of arriving at the hotel Sunday morning she was back to tears. Gagging. Coughing. Feeling terrible, looking terrible too! Home to bed we went. Maddison did get to do the 2 fun News Promo's earlier in the week, we can't forget that how lucky we were to do that!

I was quickly going downhill myself, ignoring how yucky I felt to push through the final show. Just wasn't gonna happen. Sunday was a day full of ick, staying in bed and trying to nap while our heads and muscles ached, throats felt on fire and coughs took over. ICK! Today is even worse. The rain is falling, its dreary and cold outside. Maddison goes from feeling ok, to being in bed bundled up with chills. Same here. Hannah woke up feeling the same too. So make that 3 of us in bed all day. I haven't been this sick in a l-o-n-g time. I might get a sniffle, a tickly throat or headache, but it never keeps me in bed. Speaking of, its time to go back to bed. No more pictures to post from the fashion show :( What a bummer!


Amy said...

So sorry, Kelly! Poor Maddison...I'm sure she was so disappointed!!! I hope everyone is feeling better SOON!

Meri said...

I'm so sorry she missed the big show! But she was a star twice last week...that is uber impressive!

Hope you all are back to your old selves soon!!!!

Wendy said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sad :(

I hope you guys are feeling better SOON. Take care and lots of love.



phonelady said...

We are down here too Kelly and it is not pretty . I hope you feel better soon dear . I hope Maddison gets well soon too .

Hallie said...

Awww. That's too bad! I hate that for all of you! Hope you feel better soon!

Laura Houston said...

Oh man! I hope everyone feels better soon! :-)