Saturday, December 5, 2009

News Channel 3, OH NO and Parakeets

This morning Maddison joined the other JDRF "American Girls" bright and early for their 2nd live news mini fashion show promo......

It was pretty funny, all the girls acted like modeling pro's by now. Live camera didnt even faze them! They all looked SO cute! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, the ACTUAL fashion show day! Maddison woke up feeling YUCKY this morning, her tickly throat was back to PAINFUL. She hit 300's by 2am, a sure sign of impending illness of course! She was GRUMPY waking up, but being she was so excited to go to the news station and rehearsal afterwards, she didnt complain about anything, though I could tell she felt terrible. That's Maddison for ya. She is very pain tolerant and never complains. (unlike her sister!) That is, UNTIL something sets her off.....

REHEARSAL. By the afternoon Maddison was pale and had dark circles under her eyes. UH OH. I could hear her voice changing from her cold that has been brewing. And, then it struck. The rehearsal the girls got to choose a doll name from a cup, and they would wear that outfit with the matching doll for the fashion show tomorrow. But not Maddison. She was the same outfit and doll that she was for both news appearances. (because the size fits) She was disappointed.....because she was placed with the 6yr old girls. The girls clothing size determined their outfits AND group. So, even though Maddison is 9, she still wears a size 6 and was placed with the young 6yr old girls. YIKES. Disappointment was the trigger. Quiet tears came. Then the barking cough. Then the complaints of her throat being on fire. We ended up leaving rehearsal 2 hours early and headed to the Urgent care.

The doctor gave me the choice....swab to see if Maddison is strep positive or just assume from seeing her fiery red throat. (no white spots) I'll take the assumption being her strep history. RX Amoxicillan. No wonder I've been feeling like crap the last few days! Of course now Maddison feels fine after some rest and better blood sugars. So tomorrow? Hmmmmmmmmmm......miss the ACTUAL fashion show? Hmmmmmmmmmm.......I think I'm being the bad mom and bringing extra hand sanitizer. Maddison assures me she feels GREAT and will tomorrow. -Sigh- This is a tough one! OH NO!!

Maddison said goodbye to "Keeko" her lizard a couple weeks ago. I guess we just aren't lizard people. Let me warn you, a Bearded Dragons cage smells 1000 times worse than a litter box. Trust me. It just wasn't working. So, Maddison sold her lizard and used the money to buy.....PARAKEETS of course! 3 new parakeets for the aviary! The next day, Maddison went to volunteer at the bird rescue and came home with 2 more!! But these 2 are tame baby parakeets and Maddison is having a ton of fun with them!! So far, they are living inside with us while Maddison works on teaching them "tricks." Something tells me they may never make it outside to the aviary of "wild" birds. :)


Hallie said...

First - DARLING pics! What a doll! She looks so cute! I'm so sorry to hear she's sick. I hope she wakes up feeling better tomorrow. I'm probably a bad mom saying this - but I think I'd medicate her and take her to the show if she's up for it! It's not like it's the flu! I know, I know - that's terrible! But missing the show would be too! Second, how weird is it that you posted about the birds?!? I was just wondering today if you had ever found your other birds! Glad she's got some new friends!
Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I often read your posts and feel like you are speaking my thoughts! Thanks for the support! :)

Meri said...

Good luck tomorrow Maddison! Not that you'll need it, you're a natural! I hope you feel better very soon and are able to enjoy your big day. I'm glad you didn't get a new outfit...why mess with perfection!

phonelady said...

yeah maddison , she is a bird lover and so am I and they are fun . Oh bearded dragon huh ? yuck dont do reptiles at all . Okay now I know why cause of the litter box smell .Oh well hope she and you feel better , many hugs to you and maddison .

Wendy said...

Good bye KEEKO????

Well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

I feel like I'm hanging by a thread wondering if you guys are there today or not!!!!!! Please post pics ASAP just for me...cuz I'm crazy about you guys, ya know!!!!!!

I'm so sorry she got a little sick...and I'm so sorry she has to hang with those pesky 6 year olds :) If Addy were there, I'm sure it would be different...but I'm sure she'll do great!